Interview with Joshua Triplett TIME BUSINESS NEWS

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Joshua Triplett. I am the Owner and Principal Managing Partner of VIP Capital Funding. We help business owners obtain working capital through our investors. Starting with our detailed consultative approach we make sure our clients have a smooth experience with VIIP Capital Funding, We have had a massive impact in helping several hundred business owners get funding through products such as the EIDL. Going in for funding is like going to court without a lawyer. VIP Capital Funding has been able to achieve a 95% success rate as long as they pre-qualify with 640 credit score and $600,000 in annual deposit volume. Is your application still processing? Are they ignoring your application? VIP Capital Funding makes sure your file gets the attention it needs. Speaking more on the company VIP Capital Funding, The last valuation was at $2MM; so we are a small company but a strong and nimble company that has allowed us to be more personable and dedicated to our clients. We do have motives to expand but that bridge will be crossed when we get there. Since COVID-19 we have helped satisfy business owners with federal loans such as the EIDL and MLSP. The funding is out there, but many people need guided attention. VIP Capital Funding has been able to accomplish that in the marketplace to help get the economy back into gear. When it comes to Joshua Triplett and VIP Capital Funding, you will not find any other company more personable, dedicated and aggressive in getting the funds your business needs to help the growth of your company. In the future we have plans to expand and become larger but right now, we are doing great as we are very nimble. However we will cross that bridge when we get there.


 27 years of age  is young to start a business, what was the driving force behind it?


It wasn’t all roses and daisies, there was a lot of adversity behind it all. I knew my potential and I didn’t want to settle for small or above average pay that would give me an average life. I started investing in my mind by reading books and listening to very successful businessmen; as they say you’re a product of your environment. This helped re-program or reshape my brain at the ability I have now. That was enough driving passion to risk everything I had saved up to start my business and go -$20k in debt. When I was $20k in debt from the $50k I started with not one time did I regret keeping a cozy job that was paying me $75,000 a year. Looking back was scary but that was the adversity I had to fight through in my life. This may sound big to some but when you think about the business giants like Warren Buffet and Elon Musk; it’s chump change. That was another motivating factor as well seeing these business magnates who built their lives at a tremendous level; then that was enough motivation For me to power though. Lastly, an interesting story to share despite being $20k in debt and 2 weeks away from having no money I gave a waiter a large tip which made him so happy and grateful. I then  said to myself I tried so hard and if you don’t let me succeed just know I made this waiter’s day. Within 2 weeks we were out of debt and was +50k positive. After that day I never looked back. We could go on and on about success but to keep it short and sweet, invest in your mind with books and audio, and envision in your mind; then follow up with action.


Interesting, apart from VIP Capital Funding, you mentioned being an investor and poker player can you elaborate upon that?


Sure, so VIP Capital Funding will always be first, it’s my baby in which I spend many hours looking to improve and grow. When it comes to being an investor outside of my own company, I have very strong portfolios in oil and crypto.I say aggressive because I do not follow the traditional routes of 401ks and retirement plans. I take risks and would much rather lose than knowing I could have won so much more If I had taken that risk. These reasons are because I still feel we have another decade or two left before we shift to complete energy but before then the oil and energy industry will see a strong rally. As for crypto we are definitely it’s infancy. It is a beautiful technology that was discovered on the internet, and I believe the reason that the founder is remaining anonymous is because of the profound effect that crypto will have on how we use currency, and doesn’t want that attention; possibly in fear of his own life. Crypto is both young and frictionless. It combats inflation, it’s a good currency that will see adoption within the next 10-20 years. Why you may ask? Because it is a better monetary system the world moves forward on what’s better. As for poker, and the level you have to be at to win the big bucks requires full time dedicated for the preparedness of the game, this isn’t sometime my brain is wired to do, but as a hobby it’s fun, I feel I am better than your average players and it’s something I play risking only $10k-$20k every year.


How do you feel about the current state of VIP Capital Funding and the economy?


The current state of the VIP Capital Fund for everyone is great.  Each member on our team has 5 years if not decades of experience and  each member knows how to treat clients superbly and inevitably get them the funding they need and deserve. We have helped 100s of business owners receive funding, and it’s fulfilling to know we are solving a massive financial problem in the marketplace. Despite helping hundreds there has to be thousands if not hundreds of thousands who need funding.There are only 6 of us and we are doing everything in our power to help people out. The current state of the economy is still very much uncertain, everywhere you go, masks are required and there is hand sanitizer on every corner. But as a Business Owner who has a major role in helping the 30 million small businesses that move this economy forward is still bad. Why you may ask? We are funded businesses which is great but business owners are not putting the capital to work at 100% because of fear of a 2nd wave, with that fear embedded in the employer’s minds layoffs and unemployment will continue to exist.


What will it take to move forward through COVID 19?

Knocking some easier answers out of the way, we will get through it first of all. But the primary issue is at what cost and at what time? The cost will be millions of lives lost  and the time period could be within the next 60 months. The good news is what we have adapted well, many school meetings and business teams have moved their work over to digital Platforms such as Zoom where members can gather and accomplish business and academic categories. I hate to say it but more people will die, and we must keep the economy moving forward as a human race to avoid collapse of our economic system. It’s not the most popular opinion but everyone needs to return to business as usual with proper precaution of masks and hand sanitizer. Again, we will get through this, a vaccine will be developed and people’s lives will return to normal but we can’t jeopardize our economy with people sitting at home and not contributing to keeping our economy. We are talking several thousand occupations and a few thousand industries that are vital play a role in the bigger picture. If you have not gotten your Economic injury disaster loan (EIDL) please seek VIP Capital Funding we will fight and help get your business funded with a 95% success rate.