Internet of Things Helps Bring Everything At Our Fingertips – What a Big Boon

Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. It is safer to say that we have time-traveled into this era at warp speed, and the entire world is at our fingertips now.

For instance, as a kid, I always wished to have the superpower to magically switch the lights and fans off! The superpower is IoT – the newest technology of this generation. IoT is also called ‘Industrial Internet’ and ‘Industry 4.0’.

Technology upgrades have made our lifestyles modern, more productive, and sustainable.

With every bit of progress that IoT has made in its path since its invention, humans have only experienced upgrades. Enjoying the luxurious comfort of smartphones, smart cars, smart classrooms, smart homes, smart doors, smart curtains, smart bulbs, etc., has become a routine.

IoT – The Internet of Things is various devices connecting with each other within a network environment. Such devices are equipped with capabilities to perform multiple functions.

Did You Know??? 

According to the estimates, we will go from ten billion to twenty-two billion connected devices by 2025!

One of the very good sides of the global pandemic is that it taught all entrepreneurs how important it is to build a digital strategy for business resilience. And, this thing can be achieved with the help of the IoT development company

Do You Know that IoT is a Great Entrant in Every Sector – It’s 100% True!!

IoT in this era is like salt to food. We all know that food is tasteless without salt. Similarly, IoT is the essence of everything in life. This implies that once people start getting comfortable with the luxuries in life, there is no going back.

Many times we use things subconsciously, but we never realize their existence. In the further sections of this blog, we will help you discover and realize the presence of IoT in today’s life.

  1. IoT & Education

Smartly Connected Classrooms… Smart Boards… 

In Asian countries like India, the days when teachers taught their students under neem trees in the sun are long gone. They used pens, books, and blackboards to teach. Now is the era of smart classrooms with projector screens and digitized learning.

Educational institutions have transformed the way they impart education to students. While India is still a developing country, the other developed countries, such as the USA and the UK, have significantly progressed.

The brilliant work of IoT application development company has transformed the education system. Particularly, tablet screens have replaced books today. Adding more to this, these advanced educational systems are also providing near-to-classroom experience to learners at home.

Some of the components of IoT in the reduction industry are:

  • Multi-touch
  • Dry-erase facility
  • Natural writing technology
  • Cloud-based lesson delivery software.
  1. IoT & Construction

For more productivity, it is often said that smart work wins over hard work. And we all believe that the construction industry is one of those industries that demand a lot of manual and physical effort. The masons work hard for months together to make a building stand erect.

IoT is widely used for increasing productivity, operational efficiency of workers, and enhancing on-site safety using products like smart helmets, body thermal sensors, and chemical release detectors.

  1. IoT & Healthcare

It is essential to be very proactive when it comes to medical emergencies. Be it monitoring someone’s blood sugar levels or heart rate, embedded devices have made this a smooth journey altogether!

Some IoT-enabled devices that have raged the healthcare industry:

  • Ingestible sensors
  • Connected inhalers
  • Robotic surgeries
  • Connected contact lenses
  1. IoT & Retail

The strongest power of the retail industry is the optimized supply chain. Without a good supply chain, the product distribution process can get delayed, and the customers might switch to other products.

The GPS and RFID technologies enable the agents, dealers, retailers, and wholesalers to track the product’s reach and predict its delivery time. Certain IoT-enabled devices also help to enhance the in-store experience for customers.

Some of the tasks simplified with the existence of IoT in Retail are:

  • Location tracking
  • Dating gathering & sharing
  • Shopper mapping 
  1. IoT & Agriculture

According to the experts at the World Economic Forum:

“Making technology more accessible to farmers could help solve the world’s hunger and food insecurity crisis.”

There have always been two concerns in the agricultural industry — the first being optimizing yields and the second being sustainability. Furthermore, agriculture supported by IoT-enabled devices and technology is also called modern agriculture.

IoT solutions help farmers focus on minimizing the gap between demand and supply. IoT-enabled devices have made the following activities easier than ever:

  • Crop management
  • Livestock monitoring
  • Field condition checks
  • Crop storage optimization.
  1. IoT & Transportation

Ever since the IoT started invading all industries, the transportation sector also saw an upgrade altogether. The transportation industry has many aspects; the major one is road safety. The smart systems provide the street name on display, road status, toll rates, lane closures, and travel timing, automatically guided by sensors and cameras.

These small devices do big wonders! For instance, they help solve traffic congestion, toll and ticketing, vehicle tracking, etc.

Besides road transport, IoT integrated devices are also used in the railways, airport sensors, ship harbor parking, car fleet parking systems, and many other places.

  1. IoT & Science + Energy Sector

You must be wondering what does this section even mean?

IoT is already a technology.

It’s possible because of science.

Then how does IoT play a role in the science and energy sector?

Well, IoT plays a major role in managing energy consumption among various residential areas and industrial factories.

While doing Research and Development in laboratories, IoT simplifies the procedures. Like – specific devices help them record the readings, guide them with the following steps of the experiment, data security, perform experiments from remote locations, time-sensitive investigations, etc.

  1. IoT & Entertainment

The entertainment industry is about grabbing and retaining the viewer’s attention. This includes movies, OTT platforms, videos on various social media platforms, music tracks, etc. 

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and the Internet of Things are killing it in the gaming industry. Also, Artificial Intelligence helps identify users’ interests per their actions and movements in the application. API development has reached great heights that lets the AV content receive global attention.

The immersive content offered by media providers and content personalization are two important aspects of an entertainment company.

Parting Words – IoT Making Daily Life More Convenient!!

Digital transformation is about becoming ‘digital first’ and data-driven. IoT devices are classified into four categories: consumer, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure.

We adapted to the technologically savvy environment quite quickly! And why wouldn’t we? All we want is comfort! Now, what’s next is the IoT bringing the best out of basic daily life appliances today.

Most users will agree with the following statement – IoT has become a safe and responsible component of the IT ecosystem today! 

In fact, Excellent Webworld is one such IoT development company that has the capability to deal with the most complex solutions. Just share your idea, and they will leave no stone unturned to make it a reality, 

If IoT has made it possible to turn the lights on with a mere clap, imagine what magic IoT would do in the coming years!


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