Internationalisation Through Video Translation

Video has become the favourite form of media for users worldwide. CISCO suggests that by next year as staggering 82% of all created content would be video. Consumers were expected to spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021, so the need for video translation has unsurprisingly grown drastically. 

But what is video translation?

Video translation is the conversion of video content from one language to another. 

However, video translation is far from simplistic. It involves the often-daunting task of transcription of video material, translation of content and finally re-recording of audio to ensure effective lip syncing and matching to appropriate audio cues. 

With an increasing number of international consumers using video to gain sought after information, companies are in a race against time to cater for a diverse client base. In fact less than 40% of consumers buy products and services from websites who fail to translate online marketing material.

But why is this important?

Video translation is often key in helping firms to achieve Search Engine Optimisation. In an increasingly digital consumer world, it is no longer acceptable to simply bypass consumer preferences. To satisfice potential customers, it is now more than necessary to provide relevant content for consumers and enable a positive purchasing behaviour.

Resultantly, video translation can have a positive impact on both profitability and return on investment. Firms using video marketing have managed to grow firm’ revenue 49% faster than their non-video using counterparts. Clearly international sales benefit from content localisation but particularly benefit from video localisation. Graphical user interface

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Unsurprisingly, when companies choose to ignore the need for internationalisation through content translation, it is often detrimental to both sales and company longevity.

Fortunately, there are opportunities available for those looking to modify and internationalise video content. However, these can vastly vary in affordability and service usability, so it is always best to know what choices are available.

A company or individual can either choose to spend vast amounts of money on the inconvenient method of re-recording video content for new audiences or they can choose the more affordable and simple method of video translation. 

However, it is necessary to employ a professional video translation company, such as Voice Talent Online who save you both time and provide a cost-effective technique for video translation.

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Moreover, not all video translation services are created equal. Here at Voice Talent Online we believe in ensuring that only the highest quality video translation is performed. Our expert team uses native speaking translators to translate and transcribe video content. These scripts are then checked and forwarded to carefully selected recording artists to be dubbed into your language of choice. Our Audio department then carefully performs the video translation by matching audio to ensure good lip syncing and to relay with appropriate audio cues!

The end result?

A professional video translation, which helps you to reach out across the globe.  

Still unsure about how to proceed with video translation?

Contact Voice Talent Online and we can help to fulfil your video translation needs.