International SEO and the importance of it

The evolution of SEO coupled with the invasion of the internet into our everyday lives has slowly increased the importance of every single detail on your website. Search Engine Optimisation is linked to the visibility of your website, to how much traffic you can produce going through your content and to how many sets of eyes are reading and interacting with your service. Factors such as the use of keywords, the number of keywords used, accessibility and ease of use on a mobile device and user experience and engagement are all aspects that contribute to an overall SEO “score”.

To be a success, your website needs to take all the above-mentioned factors into account and requires optimisation from the first page to the last one. This is particularly important for international SEO, which tends to involve optimisation on a larger scale and one that requires a global outreach. This is mainly down to the plethora of different languages potentially involved and therefore different content. And this content needs to be read by search engines like Google or Bing so that they can consider you accessible and relevant and rank you higher on their search engine hits. The search engines are the overlords who decide the fate of your website ranking and the worst thing to do is to confuse them. Therefore, having content that talks to that audience in that country is key.

How can you achieve this I hear you ask? Is there a magic formula? There is no such ultimate solution that suits all users and fits all business models. Instead, there are a few simple ground rules that can be adhered to, to achieve the most optimised version of your website possible.

What Google or Bing are trying to do is find matches that suit that country or language. So, by aligning your website, or page of the website to that country, you are assisting the search engine in finding relevant search matches and all the while, increasing the SEO ranking. This could include making a domain name country specific. If you have multiple domains or subdomains to work on simultaneously, enterprise level seo platforms operate at scale to simplify SEO monitoring and SEO reporting.

Essentially, by using a SEO platform, especially for larger corporations who are likely to have multiple websites in different languages for different worldwide markets, the brand message or image is aligned onto one platform that not only provides consistency, but also drives the relevant traffic through your website. And this will only result in an increase in brand awareness. A SEO platform basically does the hard work for you and allows you to focus on other aspects of the business, like customer interaction or hitting your KPIs.

A SEO platform also streamlines the whole SEO operation, which means you do not need to be opening and closing other external applications like tools used for keyword research for example. The scale of international SEO tasks also means that it simply is not time efficient to be playing around with other tools. At enterprise level, automating, integrating, sharing, simplifying SEO tasks on one platform might be the difference between getting the edge over your competitors or sinking into the search engine abyss.