International pet movers in Singapore can ease the process of pet transportation

When moving with your pets to Singapore from some other country, you must do some good homework to learn about the specialty of international pet transportation so that you can ensure a smooth entry of your pet into the new country. Every country has its own rules and regulations about transporting pets to and from the country, and for more information and guidance, you can get in touch with Shiloh Animal Express Pet Movers that has a proven track record in handling assignments of pet transportation efficiently. Since there are varied regulations about pet movement between countries, relying on a professional company gives you complete peace of mind that your pet will be in safe hands and face no difficulties while in transit that includes a period of quarantine when entering Singapore.

Book a place for quarantine

Before you apply for an import permit for your cat or dog, you must arrange for the pet to spend time in quarantine after landing in Singapore. Reserve your pot for your cat or dog in the Singapore Sembawang Animal Quarantine Center.  Remember that the summer and winter holidays are a busy time for pet movement, and you must take advance action to ensure that your pet gets a place according to your travel schedule.

Obtain an import permit

Soon after securing a place for your pet in the quarantine center, apply for an import permit and dog license. Normally, the pet moving company you are working with will handle this task on your behalf.

Why is quarantine necessary?

After landing in Singapore, your pet will have to spend some time in quarantine, which means that even though your pet might travel on the same flight with you, it will be separated from you after landing to comply with the procedure of quarantine. Whether your pet would go through quarantine depends on the country from where you are coming.  Pets might be exempt from quarantine if coming from countries that Singapore considers free from rabies.  Almost all domestic cats and dogs come under this category unless specifically mentioned.  Although the rules for importing pets to Singapore are a bit complex, help from some professional pet mover will make the task easy.

Veterinary requirement

Although the pet moving company you work with will help you in all aspects of complying with the pet laws, you must have some knowledge about it too. Knowing about the blood test and vaccine regulations will ensure that you can keep your pet ready through a hassle-free process when entering Singapore. Whether the pet is a cat or does, it must have a microchip, two rabies vaccines, internal and external parasite treatments, and a rabies titer taste. Dogs especially must a distemper vaccine, and it is mandatory for cats to have an FVRCP vaccine.

The USA and Canada residents must provide the necessary papers endorsed by the government and a health certificate from a local veterinarian. The quarantine period varies between 10-30 days based on the country from which the pet travels.