International Holiday Calendar

International holidays are an opportunity to educate the public about issues that concern them and to mobilise political will and resources to tackle the global challenges as well as to recognize and celebrate the achievements of humanity. The concept of international holidays preceded the creation in the United Nations, but the UN has recognized these days as an effective instrument for advocacy.

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Serial No.DateDayName
1.04th JanuaryMondayWorld Braille Day
2.07th JanuaryThursdayInternational Programmers day
3.19 JanuaryTuesdayWorld Religion day
4.26 JanuaryTuesdayInternational Customs Day/ World Leprosy Day
5.02nd FebruaryTuesdayWorld Wetlands Day
6.11 FebruaryThursdayWorld Day of the Sick
7.20th FebruarySaturdayWorld Day of Social Justice
8.03 MarchWednesdayWorld Wildlife day
9.08 MarchMondayInternational Women’s Day
10.12 MarchFridayWorld Kidney Day
11.20th MarchSaturdayInternational Day of happiness
12.28 MarchSundayEarth Hour
1301 AprilThursdayApril Fool’s Day
14.18 AprilSundayInternational day of Monument and Sites
15.03rd MayMondayWorld Press Freedom Day
16.08 MaySaturdayWorld Ovarian Cancer Day
17.12 MayWednesdayInternational Nurses Day
18.20 MayThursdayAuto Inflammatory Arthritis day
19.25 MayTuesdayAfrican Liberation Day
20.21st JuneMondayInternational Yoga’s day
21.30th JulyFridayInternational Day of Friendship
22.12th AugustThursdayInternational Youth’s Day
23.19 AugustThursdayWorld Humanitarian Day
24.29 AugustSundayInternational Day against Nuclear Tests
25.31 AugustTuesdayInternational Overdose Awareness Day
26.04th SeptemberSaturdayWorld Sexual Day
27.05th SeptemberSundayThe International Day of Charity
28.08th SeptemberWednesdayInternational Literacy Day
29.10th SeptemberFridayWorld Suicide Prevention day
30.12th SeptemberSundayInternational Programmers Day
31.15th SeptemberWednesdayInternational Day of Democracy
32.21st SeptemberTuesdayInternational Day of Peace
33.23 SeptemberThursdayInternational Celebrate Bisexual day
34.24th SeptemberFridayWorld Maritime Day
35.27 SeptemberMondayWorld Tourism Day
36.29 SeptemberWednesdayWorld Heart Day
37.01 OctoberFridayWorld Vegetarian Day
38.02nd OctoberSaturdayInternational Day of Non-Violence
39.05th OctoberTuesdayWorld Teacher’s Day
40.06 OctoberWednesdayWorld Cerebral Palsy day
41.08 OctoberFridayWorld Sight Day
42.09th OctoberSaturdayWorld Post Day
43.11th OctoberMondayInternational Day of Girl Child
44.16th OctoberSaturdayWorld Food Day
45.24th OctoberSundayUnited Nation’s Day
46.29th OctoberFridayWorld Stroke Day
47.01 NovemberMondayWorld Vegan Day
48.12 NovemberFridayWorld Pneumonia Day
49.14 NovemberSundayWorld Diabetes Day
50.16 NovemberTuesdayInternational Day of Tolerance
51.17 NovemberWednesdayWorld Pre-maturity Day
52.19 NovemberFridayInternational Men’s Day
53.20 NovemberSaturdayUniversal Children’s Day
54.01 DecemberWednesdayWorld AIDS Day
55.07 DecemberTuesdayInternational Civil Aviation Day
56.09 DecemberThursdayInternational Anti-corruption day
57.10 DecemberFridayHuman Rights Day
58.20th DecemberMondayInternational Human Solidarity Day

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