International Friendship day 2021: Ultimate Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Relations are the main oxygen in our lives; some are involuntary, consanguine. Some others are directly from the heart. Friendship is one of those relations. We make friends beyond geographical boundaries, caste, class, religions, and other societal boundaries. Friendship lives forever; beyond places and times. Hence, such a universal relation deserves celebration. It is Friday, 30th July this year. Such a day is celebrated amongst friends, scattered in different places of the world. Here are the best gifts for your best friends to celebrate this day.

1.Handmade Friendship Day Card:

Friendship is the most unconditional relation in the world; a bond between two people who aren’t connected by any other means but the heart. Hence, whatever a friend does for their best friend, it would always be great. Sending a personalized gift always expresses what the loved one has for their BFF. We might feel we are old enough for the childhood things like making handmade cards, but the truth is friendship never age. Hence a handmade friendship day card is one of the best gift ideas for a pal.

2. Chocolate Gift Basket:

Chocolate is one such gift that travels around the world to bring a smile to the face of your beloved whom you might not meet physically this international friendship day. You always know the best flavor, best brand chocolate that your beloved BFF would just die to have. One can pack a basket filled with all their and your favorite chocolates from Spain and send it to their address, on the day of International Friendship Day. A sweet note on the cheers to your never-ending, ever-lasting friendship would bring the widest smile to their faces.

3. Yellow Flower Bouquet:

Every relation is represented with a color; love with red, peace with white, and friendship with yellow. A yellow floral bouquet of your BFFs favorite flowers would be the perfect friendship day celebration gift, ordered from flower delivery in Madrid online flower shop. A bouquet of bright sunflowers; or a bouquet of tulips and chrysanthemums are the perfect yellow flower bouquets for friendship. However, one can always choose to send them a bouquet of their favorite flowers as a friendship gift. To make them smile with the most natural thing in the world, a yellow floral bouquet is the best gift for BFF. 

4. Aromatic Perfumes:

Best friends know the deepest desires all in and out of each other. Hence, they are the perfect people to send the secret temptation gifts to their beloveds. And what can be a greater day to present than International Friendship Day! Fragrances are the most personal desires that bring in lust for the person. Chanel, Victoria’s Secrets, Gucci are some of the brands that are perfect for producing the darkest desires. And BFF is the most right person to gift such dark fantasies to their best friends. Especially, it is one of the greatest gift ideas for a male friend from his girl BFF.

5.Teddy bear:

Who does not love to cuddle! And the most craving, as well as untimely bumps, come from the BFFs only. In a world where technology is more humane than physical existence, hugs have gone virtual and supplementary too. Instead of a person-to-person hug, a huge plus-size teddy bear would amaze your loving BFF who is miles apart from you. There are various designs of friendship day teddy bears- there is a single one, a pair of bears holding one red heart, and more. You can choose accordingly and send the best international friendship day gift to your BFF.


A bottle of wine is a perfect drink to celebrate and resonate with the classiness of the friendship bond you share. It is best to sit for a while and share a bottle of wine revisiting the crazy days and memories you had with each other. However, distance should never be the reason to interrupt such a celebration. Order a bottle of their favorite wine from Madrid and surprise them as the best international friendship day gift. And through video calling, you can enjoy the same moments virtually.

7.Cookie Jar:

A bottle of cookie jar brings in the refined memory of childhood when days were carefree and time was golden. This international friendship day is a perfect occasion to recreate those age-old days with your beloved BFF. A jar filled with different varieties of cookies wrapped inside a box and tied with a beautiful flossy ribbon with a friendship day tag would make them feel special and nostalgic. It would be a perfect gift idea for a female friend who is born with a sweet tooth.

8.Long-lasting indoor plant:

A plant is a resemblance of holding on to life; just the way we hold on to our precious relationships even in the worst of times. Friendship is one such relation that passes all the tests of time, distance, crest, and trough and comes out with flying colors. An indoor plant that will last long like a friendship would be an admiring gift on this friendship day. If your BFF is staying far away from you, you can choose to send plants online as well.

Friendship itself is a token of preciousness in life; hence friendships need to be protected and celebrated. Above are the best gift ideas to your BFF to celebrate international friendship day.