Interior waterproofing vs. Exterior Waterproofing

A healthy debate is always going around of whether you should go for interior waterproofing or exterior waterproofing. What are the factors in action when considering it? Well, the best option is to get an honest assessment from professionals at Waterproofing PD. They will come to your property, inspect it and tell you the feasible option for you.

Do not take waterproofing too lightly

Your home is your valuable asset- considering the fiscal perspective in mind, especially when you need to balance between a big mortgage along with the emotional distress which comes with your basement being drowned in water.

Water pooling stains your walls and floors, causes musty odour, rotting and rusting. Even a small leakage in the basement can have a long-lasting serious impact on your property and health. The mould and mildew growth can cause breathing problems, fatigue, coughing, fever and skin issues.

A professional from Waterproofing PD will do proper inspection of the interior of your basement, outside foundation, window wells state and how the earth is graded up against the foundation of the house and whether you have any resource close to your home to store excess water which may be leading to high water pressure against the basement walls which is causing the basement leakage.

They will closely analyse your neighbouring houses as it affects their basement waterproofing suggestions. Once all the factors are considered, they will suggest the right basement waterproofing Toronto method feasible for you.

Reasons to choose exterior waterproofing

  • It is the best and most recommended way to protect your house from flooding or leakage. It includes excavation around the external perimeter of your house, down to the foundation’s base, cleaning the walls and repairing the cracks. It also includes installation of drainage system or weeping tile below the basement flooring. It is all about reaching to the root of the issue.
  • It prevents water to enter from seeping deeper in your house causing unknown damage to the floor and walls. It also makes the structure of the property strong.
  • It is costlier and may start at $100 per foot and reach as high as $1000 per foot, depending on the size and toughness of the task. But it prevents water from entering the foundation of your house through leaking and saves you more money with regards to the repair costs in the long run.
  • The techniques of external waterproofing are always evolving.
  • It is fast and efficient and can be done in a day or two weeks, according to the task

Reasons to choose interior waterproofing

  • It is cost effective in comparison to exterior waterproofing and may range from $75 per foot to $250 per foot
  • It is recommended for restricted spaces and close proximity to neighbouring houses. The installation procedure of an internal waterproofing system doesn’t include a high level of disruption as with exterior waterproofing.
  • Insulation of the basement wall prevents condensation from occurring from behind the wall.
  • Interior waterproofing drives out water which is inside your basement in comparison to exterior waterproofing which keeps it out.