Interior trends in 2021

The new year is the perfect start to tackle your interior and to make it extra cozy at home. It gets dark outside and it gets dark earlier… The new interior trends 2021 are known and furniture and paint colors are in the shops. So if you fancy a cozy interior, you can get started! What are the new interior trends 2021 and how can you apply them in your own home?

Interior 2021 colors and materials

The interior colors for the new year are many shades of brown, terracotta and old pink. Warm earth tones are the base and black is replaced by brown because brown is warmer and softer. You can read more about it here. Of course you don’t have to follow all these color trends at all, but it can be a good inspiration for some more color in your interior. With paint, fabrics or wallpaper you can give your house a completely different look.

Round and organic shapes provide a pleasant feeling and a playful effect. These organic shapes are often seen in furniture, wallpaper and home accessories. Think of arches as a passage, benches with rounded corners and circles of paint on the wall. Furniture is covered with soft and cuddly fabrics such as velour and rib. The graphic shapes of the 50s and 60s are back in wallpaper and curtain fabrics. Speaking of wallpaper: after years it is very popular again! A wallpaper print is the perfect addition to let your interior speak more. It is used on walls but also on ceilings or on boring closet walls.

Materials such as wood and rattan provide a warm and natural atmosphere in the house. Wood is combined in different colors from light oak to dark walnut. Vertical wooden slats are used as cupboard doors, room dividers, but also as paneling for a kitchen island. So let those old-fashioned scraps sit for a while because they will be completely hip again soon!

Personal interior

Let go of the interior rules: the challenge is to develop your own style, to experiment so that an original and personal interior is created. That personal interior with a story is becoming increasingly important. By mixing different colors and materials you get a result full of character. This is clearly visible in the young generation that effortlessly combines vintage items with modern design and travel souvenirs.

Nature at home

Nature plays an important role in today’s interior. It is not surprising in this busy time: you can relax in nature. You bring the greenery from the outside in and create a good feeling and positive energy. Houseplants are indispensable in this trend. Where we carefully brought some greenery into our home a few years ago, our green fingers have now grown. In 2021 we will not opt ​​for small house plants but for large plants and trees in the house. Feel free to leave a corner in the room for a group with large plants. In planters, several types of plants are placed together as a green partition. Even in the kitchen, bathroom and workplace, houseplants are indispensable. You can send houseplants or flowers as letterbox gifts to friends or family. Letterbox flowers are extremely popular in 2021 in Europe and the United States due to the COVID-19.