Interesting Reasons to Move to Puerto Rico

Rich history, warm temperature, and beautiful landscapes are some of the common reasons to move to Puerto Rico. However, there are some additional reasons why you should consider living in this place. Just scroll down and check out:

Enjoy great food

As the saying goes, you have not experienced the true atmosphere of a place until you have tried the food. Luckily, Puerto Rica offers amazing food. Just start with a mofongo that is a delicious fried plantain dish. Next is helado de parcha – an amazing dessert. There are other yummy dishes like asopao (gumbo of chicken and rice), arroz con gandules (made of rice, pork and pigeon peas), and alcapurrias (stuffed fritters) that one should not miss.

Local coffee

Puerto Rica offers quality coffee. Coffee beans were launched to the island in the 18th century, and it became its main export product within a short time frame. Alto Grande coffee is one of the most famous coffee brands that are known for super-premium quality.

Buy a lavish home at great prices

Puerto Rico offers amazing deals when it comes to buying your own home at great, reasonable prices. Just for $124,999, you can purchase your own three-bedroom, two-bath condo that has a view of the ocean. This was built in 2008, and it is located in an apartment complex that comes with its own swimming pool, playground, and garden area.

Live in the center

Get a condo in the San Mateo neighborhood of San Juan. The penthouse apartment has two bedrooms, two baths, a balcony, a well-equipped and attractive kitchen, and a snug living, dining area, and so on. It also has two parking spaces that are the most important facility the capital of Puerto Rica has to provide.


As you know that Puerto Rica is part of the Commonwealth of the United States, moving to this place is easy. There is no need to be worried about customs, residency, visas, or even a passport. You could move yourself and your stuff easily if you were moving to another US state.

Same language and money

In general, the country has two languages, including English and Spanish. Locals are needed to study English in schools, and most of the population speaks it fluently. In fact, in smaller towns or in rural areas, you can get yourself understood, and you can move to and live in the country if you do not know how to speak Spanish. The local currency is the US dollar, so you do not have to be worried about exchange rates.

Low taxes

So, this is the most common reason why people move to Puerto Rica. Although it belongs to the US, it has its own unique tax system that is favorable for American or Canadian citizens. Investors enjoy total exemption from Puerto Rican income taxes on income once they become residents. And residency can be achieved after living on the island for a minimum of 183 days. If you are willing to buy your own house here and use it as your primary residency, there is no need to pay any taxes. Even if you purchase a vacation property, the taxes are low compared to those of the United States or Canada.

Want to move to Puerto Rico? Fortunately, there are a number of experts available to assist you to relocate and move to Puerto Rico without any hassle. These experts provide individuals and small businesses the knowledge as well as services they need to move. They help you to make a sound decision about whether Puerto Rico is suitable for you. So, simply get in touch with them today.