Interesting Life Hacks for Straightening Your Spine

Did someone tell you to stop slouching’ or ‘straighten up’ properly? Well, interestingly, we can bend forward due to the presence of natural curvature in the spine. However, if you are experiencing an undesired pain in the back or spine, then you need to correct your sitting posture correctly. For instance, Lumbar Spine Straightening requires you to sit appropriately by maintaining an accurate angle.   

Here are stimulating life hacks to improve your sitting posture that resultantly enhances your spine or back pain.

Life Hack to Straighten Your Spine

Here are some useful hacks to keep spine pain at bay.

  • Stretch Properly Before You Start Working

Our hectic and busy schedule has made us lazy. In fact, procrastination has become new normal these days. That’s why; it is quite mandatory to stretch correctly before you start working. For this, we suggest you take 5 to 10 minutes from your hectic routine and stretch your body completely. Nevertheless, every morning is the best time to do stretching, and you can do it with morning exercise as well.

Generally, your body craves some compelling movements, including shoulder rolls and toes touching etc. Also, don’t forget to end your chaotic day with a full overhead stretch. Indeed, it is an ideal way to improve your sitting posture and lumbar spine pain.

  • Put Your Phones Away

There is nothing wrong with accepting that we all are hooked to our cell phones. In fact, most research studies have confirmed that, on average, a person taps, click and touches his phone more than 2600 times a day. Sadly, this downward motion can cause more than 60 pounds of extra weight on the carnival spine.

So, it’s better to put away your mobile phones for some time and give time to yourself. Receiving stressful messages and calls from the office can make you feel anxious. So, it’s better to give yourself time and spend a healthy time with your friends and family. We understand, putting away your mobile phone isn’t an easy task, but it admittedly makes a big difference. It helps you stop putting extra weight on your spines, and you feel better.

  • Choose Foot Wears Wisely

As you know that your feet are the base of your whole body. That’s why; putting inappropriate, extraordinarily tight or overly lose shoes can put unusual pressure on your spine. Resultantly, you feel pain in your spine and back.

Remember, you need to separate indoor and outdoor shoes. For instance, you don’t need to wear high heels in the home because you can’t walk comfortably with high heels for a longer time.

For example, you can choose non-slippery rubber soles as you can walk comfortably with them. Moreover, you can also wear summer flip-flops as they are well-recommended to enjoy a comfortable walk. You can take help from your podiatrist as he can guide you better about the most suitable shoe type for you.

  • Sit In The Approved Manner

No secret; we spend considerable time sitting. From driving to sitting in front of the office’s desktop, we devote substantial time to sitting. Additionally, we sit in front of the TV for hours, and couch potatoes find it challenging to leave their place. Therefore, sitting for a long time can make you feel lethargic and tired.

Indeed, breaking this habit is quite difficult, but you need to break it. If a sitting pattern causes back pain, then you should abandon the habit immediately.

You should know that not only sitting for a longer time hurts your back, but inappropriate sitting postures can create trouble too.

So, correct your sitting postures by working on the following reminders including;

  • Don’t lean or slump to one side as your weight needs to be distributed evenly.
  • You should sit adequately and keep your feet flat on the floor. Don’t cross your legs as it cause back pain.
  • Your back should be press-up against the chair as it’s a great posture to distribute your weight evenly.

Unquestionably, the sitting postures mentioned above can make you feel better. Moreover, they are adequate to avoid spinal pain.

  • Consult The Professional Pain Management Specialist

Indeed, the tips mentioned above are valuable in avoiding spine pain. We would recommend getting in touch with a mild procedure doctor in Cleveland, Ohio. However, if you experience no improvement, then you should see a professional pain management specialist. Remember, only the professional doctor can identify the root cause of back pain and suggest the finest solution.

They can also suggest some practical exercises to improve your sitting posture and spinal pain.


No denial; healthy life is the real blessing, and it should not be taken for granted. So, consult an expert and skilled doctor if you feel unbearable pain in your back or spine.

Furthermore, consider the tips mentioned above rightly because they can help you in improving your physical health.