Interesting Facts About Steven Spurrier

If you love wine, you’ve probably heard of Steven Spurrier, the British merchant and expert on wine. While most people know him for his fame as a champion of French wine, Spurrier was also a champion of Californian wine, and he helped elevate the status of the state’s wine and promote the expansion of wine production in the New World. To find out more about Spurrier, read on. Listed below are some of the most interesting facts about Spurrier and his career.

Steven Spurrier

In 1976, British merchant and wine expert Steven Spurrier arranged the Paris Wine Tasting, which raised the profile of California wine and encouraged its expansion in the New World. He was also described as a champion of French wine. Steven Spurrier’s impact on Wine can be felt today. His efforts have influenced many wine-lovers and critics. But his legacy goes beyond California. His passion for wine extended to other regions of the world, including China and India.

His career

In his lifetime, Steven Spurrier worked as a wine merchant, educator, and writer. He was also a vineyard owner. He died at the age of 79 on October 5, 2017. Spurrier’s career spanned nearly five decades and was marked by his charm and unfailing politeness. He was passionate about wine and eager to spread the word about good wine. He loved the industry and never shied away from trying new things.

His influence

Steven Spurrier’s influence on wine is immense. He is a renowned wine expert who influenced many other professionals in the industry. He opened several wine schools in the UK and abroad and wrote monthly columns for the magazine Decanter. After several years, Spurrier moved to Paris and bought a wine shop, where he taught people about wine and encouraged them to taste before buying. After earning a reputation for his expertise, he founded L’Academie du Vin, the first private wine school in France. He blew up the wine world with Steven Spurrier the judgment of Paris.

His vineyard

The late Steven Spurrier had a passion for wine and decided to plant his own vineyard on the hillside opposite his house in 2008. He planted Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay. The first grapes from the vineyard were harvested in 2011. Spurrier is survived by his wife of 53 years, Arabella, and two children, Christian and Kate. The family is arranging a memorial service to remember him.

His memoirs

A Life in Wine is a Steven Spurrier Biography written by British cyclist Steven Spurrier. It is a chronological account of Spurrier’s life, from his early years at school in Rugby to his struggles with anorexia. He later went to study in London, where he became interested in wine, antiques, and art. This book is a fascinating look into Spurrier’s life, both as an athlete and a man.

His influence on BC wine

A famous British wine writer, Steven Spurrier, is making his mark in the Okanagan. His recent book, The New World Wine, has been widely acclaimed for its sensitivity to the region’s unique conditions. His influence on BC wine is not just local, however. Spurrier’s books and articles have been embraced worldwide and his writings have become the basis for popular wine shows. Several of the province’s wineries are open to the public, and many features food and dining options.


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