Interesting artworks make your home full of vitality

1.Sculpture for home interior

As we have seen, artwork is divided into indoor sculpture and outdoor statues. From the classical European style, to the simple northern Europe, to the traditional Chinese style, and the simple rural style, more and more people are raising their requirements for home decoration. As art is not only decorative, but also has room for appreciation, it has become one of the objects that many people need to consider when decorating. However, when choosing artworks, you can provide personalized art decoration according to different styles of home space, which not only changes the whole environment, but also makes the home environment more rich and interesting, adding space tension and vitality.

kaws statue

2. The role of sculpture for home interior

First of all, a good selection of works of art can decorate the space well. To decorate a tasteful home, works of art are essential. They are not only the finishing touch of the home, but also the direct embodiment of the owner’s personality and aesthetics.

It may be an abstract painting or several old objects. As long as they are properly displayed, each space in the home will be full of style. Simple display will make the space interesting.

When it comes to art at home, many people first think of hanging pictures. In fact, there are many art works suitable for home decoration.

3. Classification of sculpture for home interior

In terms of function, it can be divided into two categories: one is ornamental art; one is practical art.

Ornamental works of art refer to works of art that are only for appreciation, playing and beautifying the environment. Practical works of art refer to works of art that have practical uses in life and are both ornamental. There is no clear dividing line between the two types of works of art. They are mainly distinguished from the actual use, and sometimes even depend on the attitude of users.

In addition to painting, photography, sculpture ornaments, masks, cultural toys, pottery, lacquer art, folk crafts, and even flower art, bonsai, pop art, etc., ornamental works of art have a strong sense of decoration.

Practical works of art are both artistic and practical. In addition to viewing and decoration, they also have certain functionality. For example, art furniture, art tableware, art lamps, art tea sets, incense utensils, and other cultural and creative works with practical functions also belong to practical works of art.

4. Placement of artworks

The display of a variety of different types of works of art at home can enrich the decorative effect and make the visual experience more diverse. From plane paintings to three-dimensional sculptures and craft ornaments, you can make your home look good. Many people confine the display of artworks to the blank wall. In fact, each space in the home can set aside a small part of the space for artworks.

For example, the porch is a place that people often ignore. However, the creation of the porch is very important. It is the first space for people to enter the home. A properly arranged porch can add a lot of color to their home, leave a stunning first impression on the visiting guests, and let you gain a good mood every time they return home.

The porch uses cold color figure hanging paintings and black gold porch cabinets to render a mysterious and quiet atmosphere for the whole hall.

For another example, the kitchen can also create an artistic model. In the case of good kitchen storage, you can boldly introduce some artworks with sharp colors into the kitchen, sometimes it can better stimulate the passion of cooking.

In addition, art works can be arranged at the end of the indoor corridor, the corner of the stairs or other inconspicuous corners to create an end view. Generally speaking, the end view is the “scenery” that people will notice at the first sight when they are in a space. There are various ways of expression. As long as the design is well done, it will make people bright at the moment and make the family grade instantly.

On the wall at the corner of the stairs, hang an abstract painting, which can eliminate the dull feeling brought by the blank wall.

5. Visual effect of sculpture for home interior

Before displaying works of art, we should first consider their space, that is, the works of art placed in a space do not exist in isolation, but belong to a part of the space.

Home art is not the more the better. Full of artworks make people dazzled. At the same time, the display of works of art should have a sense of order. Around a space, you can choose a central point or theme to display. The collected works of art are cleverly arranged everywhere. If they are placed in a straight line, you should pay attention to the scattered height to give people a relaxed and lively visual experience.

sculpture home decor

We select appropriate artworks according to the overall color of the space and furniture furnishings, so as to give full play to the embellishment and decorative role of artworks in the space.

In short, there is no fixed program for home art. It can act as it pleases, and show its own personality and taste. It not only brings high-quality quality life, but also integrates elegant art into life.