Interested in Psychology? Here are 5 Degrees You Should Check Out in 2023

As we have entered 2023, you might be setting new goals just like everybody else. And if you are a student, you must be thinking about your career goals. If you are interested in the study of human behavior and mind and want to contribute to the field of psychology, then this is the article for you.

The field of psychology is broad; you can choose from several specializations and also get to work in different industries and work settings. You can get specializations like child psychology or clinical psychology, and you can work in settings like education, business, or the medical field. Different specializations, of course, require different degrees.

As people are becoming more aware of the benefits of taking care of one’s state of mind, there is no doubt there is going to be a huge demand for psychology experts in the future. So in 2023, these are the five psychology degrees you should check out.

  1. Masters in Applied Psychology:

If you want to use your psychology knowledge and skills on a broader scale, then getting a master’s in applied psychology is your best option. Applied psychology, as the name suggests, allows you to integrate theory with practice, so you can apply the knowledge you have in real life. The best thing about getting a master’s in applied psychology is that you can choose to work in many fields. Nowadays, you can even get a master’s in applied psychology with Online Applied Psychology Degree programs offered by reputable institutions.

This degree will enable you to offer your expertise in the fields of business or any other applied field. Graduates with masters in applied psychology can work as organization development consultants, consumer insights consultants, people operation managers, research analysts, advancement and development directors, etc.

2. Associate Degree in Counseling Psychology:

If you are trying to enter the workforce as soon as possible and cannot commit to a long-term degree, then there are several associate-level psychology degrees that you can pick from. One of the most viable options is an associate’s degree in counseling psychology. The benefit of the associate degree in counseling psychology is that you can build a firm foundation of psychology knowledge, get a deeper and closer look at the world of counseling and psychology, and attain the degree in about two years.

You can easily do entry-level social work and counseling jobs with an associate degree in counseling psychology. You will always have the option to get advanced education later on as you will already have the basic knowledge. However, if you want to become a licensed counselor, then you will need a master’s degree and proper licensure, depending on the requirement of the state.

3. Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology:

If you want to gain deep insights into how the human mind works and understand different behavioral patterns of people, then you should go for a bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology. Completing a bachelor’s degree is usually a process of four to five years. The best thing about bachelor’s degrees in psychology is that you get to complete almost 120 credit hours of courses related to psychology as well as general education.

A bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology also requires the student to do an internship or complete a research project. This means you will get to work with professionals while conducting research or completing the internship and get to interact and deal with patients and clients in real time. Thus, a bachelor’s degree in behavioral psychology will enable you to get useful knowledge about how people react, interact, behave, etc. You will also gain solid research, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. With this degree, you can become a public relations specialist, substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor, probation officer, clinical laboratory technologist, etc.

4. Doctor of Psychology:

If you want to help people and change the world for the better, then you can do that by getting a doctorate-level professional degree in psychology. PsyD or doctor of psychology is a professional degree that allows you to assist clients and patients. It takes between four and six years to complete a doctor of psychology program. With a doctoral degree in psychology, students learn to provide therapy sessions to those who need help with their mental well-being. Three fields in psychology require a person to have a proper license for clinical practice; hence, you can get a PsyD in one of those categories. Those three areas are clinical psychology, school psychology, and counseling.

You will also need to complete a thesis or dissertation before you earn your doctorate of psychology. Counseling and clinical psychologists earn a high salary, too. According to BLS, in May 2021, the average yearly pay of counseling and clinical psychologists was $99,640.

5. Ph.D. in Psychology:

Another option that you have if you are looking for an advanced degree is getting a doctor of philosophy in psychology or a Ph.D. Ph.D. is different from PsyD in the sense that a Ph.D. is more research-oriented. You can complete your doctor of philosophy in psychology within four to six years. Even though it is more research-oriented than PsyD, it still includes theoretical training as well as applied training of students. The best part is that there are tons of specialization options when it comes to getting a Ph.D. in psychology.

You can specialize in whatever you are more inclined toward after graduation and focus on that in your Ph.D. For example, you can acquire your Ph.D. in psychology with a specialization in experimental, developmental, social, industrial, or organizational psychology if you want to work in the field of research, business, teaching, or any other applied area. Similarly, if you are more interested in starting your private practice and providing psychotherapy sessions, then you can get a Ph.D. in counseling psychology or clinical psychology.


The field of psychology is vast. There are so many options when it comes to degrees and areas of specialization in psychology. You can get an associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or even a doctorate in psychology to become an expert in the field. You can even enter the workforce with an associate’s degree. Although there are many areas of psychology to choose from, go through this article to find the degrees in psychology that will be popular in 2023.

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