Interactive Video: A Guide to Understanding the New Form of Media

Interactive video is a new form of media that has become more and more popular. It can be used for many purposes – from advertising to customer service, and it’s proven to be very effective. But what exactly is interactive video? Interactive videos are often created using the latest technology such as augmented reality or virtual reality; they may include quizzes, polls or competitions that engage audiences well or very well. Interactive video is becoming an important component of modern marketing mixes: 68% of marketers believe it will continue to become a bigger part of their overall strategies in the future. In this article we’ll explore interactive video by looking at what they are, how you can use them, some examples and how you might create one yourself!

Interactive video has quickly become a well-known and widely used marketing tool. 20% of marketers have utilized it, and 78 percent of them found it to be effective. Furthermore, 28% of marketers intend to employ interactive video in 2018. As companies look for new methods to reach their target audiences, those numbers will climb even higher.

The most effective marketing techniques integrate media that consumers want to engage with, which right now is interactive video. Its popularity is reflected in both company and consumer behavior. Interactive video is becoming increasingly popular; in fact, it already accounts for 36 percent of all video content produced. On the other hand, consumers are reacting to interactive video with greater involvement rates; they watch interactive videos 44 percent longer than traditional videos.

For a long time, marketers had to rely on view counts to determine the success of a video. This was an issue for many people who found it difficult to demonstrate the worth of their video efforts; without data to indicate a link between video play and conversions, it’s difficult to show that a video has an impact.

The ability of video analytics to track more sophisticated metrics has been considerably enhanced. You may now track clicks within a video, evaluate alternative routes with branching; gather data using video form fields, and more. There are several tools available that will help you measure these metrics.

When a user is viewing a linear video, it’s easy to become distracted. At least 87% of viewers use more than one device at once, implying that you’re already fighting for your audience’s attention. Interactive video makes watching active rather than passive, providing a game-like atmosphere that captures and holds a user’s attention and resulting in a 59% increase in usage – which most marketers can’t afford to miss out on.

It turns out that the capacity to interact with content in an engaging video aids recall of your business. Even if a person does not react to the actual film, interactive video commercials are 32% more memorable than linear video advertisements.

In addition to the hard data points mentioned above, interactive video is significantly more pleasurable than linear video. It’s an excellent method to add a moment of delight into your user experience by allowing your viewers to explore an interactive narrative and learn more about your business while having fun.