InteracInvestor Review – How To Find The Lifetime Trading Partner

A brokerage firm is the first step for entering online financial markets and opening a trading account is the second. If you know someone in the trading business then you can easily judge whether the trader is smart or not by looking at his broker and his account choice. The point is that the right account and brokerage firm are two most important components of career growth. I know a platform called InteracInvestor where account selection is impeccably straightforward and the platform is great for beginners for its trading features. Know more in my InteracInvestor Review.

Amazing Choices in Accounts

I came to realize the importance of trading accounts once I gained some experience. Now that I know for sure about the true purpose behind trading account, I can hence help others how they can choose the perfect account for them. With InteracInvestor, you can find 5 account types namely InteracInvestor Standard, Interac+, InteracInvestor Gold, Expert and Platinum. The broker has installed multifarious features and trade related tools and resources in them for the purposes of handing over complete control of trading endeavors in the hands of the trader.

The accounts have been composed in the sense that they can be chosen by the traders based on their individual exposures in online trading. Obviously a trader with zero experience will prefer an account in which the trader has plenty of options of learning trading.

Convenient Funding Requirement

A trading account is more than just an investment account comprising funds either for trading or for personal use by the broker. As has been explained in the types of account, trading account contain funds plus the tools, features, resources other such broker provided facilities. A trader becomes eligible to use them all once the initial funding requirement is met. For instance, if a trader wishes to activate Standard account then exactly USD 10,000 is needed to be furnished into the account.

The broker also understands that money is not a problem for pro traders and hence pro level account’s funding requirement has been set keeping in view the financial strength of pro traders. In return, they are getting manifold benefits and advantages in the shape of maximum leverage, risk free trading, account manager and personal advisor. Furthermore, they are entitled to zero commission, unlimited access to education, market analysis and trade signals. Above all, pro level account guarantees complete freedom to traders so that they can make each of their penny count handsomely.

Extra Vigilant Customer Support

It would not seem odd if the broker’s customer support is regarded as a genie in a lamp. Whenever and wherever you need them, they will ensure their available to you and listen to you very carefully.

Their usual timings are 24/7 but they take a two-day break on Friday and Saturday. But in between, Monday to Friday, you can ask them your queries or ask them to provide solutions over phone or through live chat option.

Since I have myself interacted with them so many times, I can confidently say that the service is priceless. Agents are well-prepared and possess much needed expertise in resolving technical and other such trade-related issues. I can also tell you that within a maximum of three minutes somebody will answer to your call, in case a large number of traders are awaiting their turns.

Formation of Trading Classes

Another positive point in which you wouldn’t mind giving 10 out of 10 to the broker is the broker’s wide range of tradable assets. Your options in trading will be stocks, commodities, crypto, indices, forex which collectively offer more than 200 plus assets of trading.

If you would ask for my advice with regard to choosing an asset for trading then my suggestion would be to engage in multiple assets’ trading. The reason behind is that trading in multiple assets at one time greatly decreases the elements of risks and losses. For instance, you are certain that one asset will cause you loss however the other asset will return guaranteed profits. This means that in case of a loss, the same will be covered because of the profits earned from the other asset.

End Remarks

In my honest opinion I genuinely believe that InteracInvestor has immense potential to offer you outstanding brokerage services. However the decision is yours only to make and I can only advice you that you shouldn’t hesitate in becoming part of this rapidly expanding broker.