Intensive guide to buy oriental rugs online in 2020

As of later, rugs are now the ideal transformers of any place. Nowadays you can buy rugs online. In fact, this is easier. Undoubtedly rugs change the tone as well as the mood of the entire space. Moreover, they have many functional and practical advantages. Un- questionably a rug is a great interior decoration item. For this reason, they provide a solid tone and unique aura to your place.

Generally speaking, a rug can do a lot to your space. From a simple home, redo to absorb annoying sound rugs are wonderful elements. 

In the present era, people have to shift frequently. Due to this reason wall to wall carpets are not usually preferred? Therefore homeowners prefer adding rugs. Because they not only are easy to carry but also look adorable. Rugs not only exist in different styles but also in different materials. You can buy oriental rugs in both natural and synthetics based material.

Rugs designs and  styles 

Indeed, rug buying is not so difficult yet not so easy. If you are well aware of the facts, you can easily buy a signature piece. However, rugs exist in different styles and colors. Most often, you can get rugs online as traditional, modern, or transitional. All these styles are amazing. However, a traditional rug is a masterpiece. It mainly involved oriental and Persian rugs. If you are going to buy oriental rugs online, you need to know certain facts. 

Purpose of adding oriental rugs 

Oriental rugs are adorable. These rugs perfectly add a traditional fact they enhance the interior decoration of your home. Either it’s an oriental rug or any other. If you are not aware of the purpose, you are ruining the rug effect. In short, either you a rug yourself or given by anyone else, it’s quite important to know the reasons. However there are certain important reasons to add an oriental rug. For instance you can add an oriental rug for these reasons 

  • As a decoration element 
  • For artistic effect 
  • For getting comfort 
  • It’s trendy

 Interior Decoration

If you are willing to add a royal look, oriental rugs are a great choice. Perhaps they exist in an ample variety of colors and styles. Without any doubt, these rugs have a distinct pattern. Moreover, their exclusive designs are adorable for all. Regardless of the home style, you can add it under a dining table or coffee table. Keep in mind that they are truly handmade. You can never have two oriental rugs in the same colors. 

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For artistic effects

Artists around the globe prefer oriental rugs. Perhaps these rugs are a true depiction of the art and craft era. They are adorable as well hold many other benefits. Artists usually prefer these rugs. Oriental rugs add a unique look to any place. Moreover, the stylish and beautiful border is their amazing characteristics. 

For getting comfort 

Oriental rugs provide great comfort. They are soft and cozy. Undoubtedly provide a perfect conversation point. Moreover, these rugs are composed of soft fibers. Additionally, these fibers are of high quality. Oriental rugs provide both enjoyment and comfort at the same time. In winters they are a perfect source to provide warmth. 


 Undoubtedly, oriental rugs are evergreen. These rugs have been in trend for centuries. Moreover, they are going to be a favorite choice in upcoming years. If you are going to buy oriental rugs online, don’t worry about the trend. You will never regret buying a standard piece. Furthermore, they are so versatile that you can place them anywhere. Oriental rugs are sleek and stylish. These rugs stand out and speak volumes in any space.

Undoubtedly there are many myths about oriental rugs. You may frequently come across these myths while rug buying. However, for buying an oriental rug online, keep all these facts in mind. These tips not only help you in buying a true oriental rug but also an ideal one

oriental rugs buying guide 

Don’t get confused between oriental and Persian

While Oriental and Persian rugs are often confused, it is important to remember that they are not the same. Oriental rugs are hand-knotted rugs produced primarily in Asia, including Iran, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, and China. Persian rugs, on the other hand, are only produced in Iran or by Persians who are knowledgeable about the authentic crafts of these rugs.

Consider the origin

Oriental rugs are mainly produced around the globe. But always consider the main origin if you are buying rugs online.

Consider pile height

Oriental rugs have a good pile height. These rugs almost own 200 knots per square inch. Remember higher the pile height more the durability and vice versa. Anyhow high pile height also indicates the high quality.

Production method

If you ever come across the term oriental style, keep in mind that this is not true. The term oriental style does not indicate handmade production. If you ever came across this term, don’t buy. In fact, these are not handmade or hand-knotted. This is a true indication of machine-made products.


There is another myth about the durability of oriental rugs. Most often, it is said that the heavier the rug, the more the durability. However, this is not exactly true. In fact there are a lot of factors that tell about durability. These factors include knot count, pile height, fabric quality, and all in between. Moreover don’t buy a rug that does not fit into all these parameters.


Oriental rugs are hand weaved. Indeed this is one of the incredible features. For buying an oriental rug online look at the weaving technique. Handmade rugs are not perfect. In most cases, they have some flaws. So they have many irregularities. Designs are not the same. Either you are buying rugs online, you can never find two same rugs. Even the perfect and skilled persons cannot design the two same rugs. So in case if you are finding two same pieces, it’s obvious that it is machine-made.  These rugs are worth buying at all times.


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