Intensive Driving Course Myths: Five Common Misconceptions

Taking an intensive driving course in Didsbury can be exhilarating and daunting in equal measures. Today, we’re taking a look at a selection of common myths and misconceptions, which collectively blur the reality of how intensive driving lessons really work:

Myth 1 – You will be taught how to pass your test and not how to drive

This myth does (unfortunately) hold some degree of truth with many driving schools. Some driving instructors focus disproportionately on rushing learners through their tests, simply to get the whole thing done as fast as possible and in doing so, fail to teach them how to drive safely and confidently in the real world.

By contrast, a responsible driving school will always approach things the opposite way around. They will focus exclusively on teaching you how to become a safe driver in real-world conditions and you will naturally build the knowledge and skills needed to pass your practical test in the process;  something that applies equally to both conventional driving lessons and intensive driving courses. 

Myth 2 – You cannot learn to become a good driver in just two weeks

Yes, you can! With a conventional course of driving lessons, you undertake around 40 to 45 hours of tuition over the course of several months. With crash course driving lessons, you take the same 40 to 45 hours of lessons over the course of a couple of weeks. The content of the lessons is exactly the same, so you come out the other side with the exact same knowledge, skills and confidence.

In fact, some believe that condensing 40 to 45 hours of lessons into just a couple of weeks can actually be beneficial. The gaps between your lessons are shorter, so there is less time for the knowledge and skills you develop along the way to go rusty.

Myth 3 – You have to pay way more to learn to drive with a crash course

Not true, as you could actually save money by taking an intensive driving course. With most driving schools, the hourly rate payable for driving lessons is fixed – irrespective of how many you take per week. In fact, you may find that by block-booking an intensive driving course consisting of 20 to 45 hours of lessons, you qualify for a preferential rate.

All intensive driving courses are tailored to meet the exact requirements of the learner. If you already have some kind of experience behind the wheel, you may be able to pass your test after just a handful of lessons. Either way, crash course driving lessons need never cost any more than learning to drive the conventional way.

Myth 4 – You can book a course with a 100% guaranteed first-time pass rate

You can indeed book such a course, but any kind of guaranteed first-time (or even second-time) pass is completely false…if not fraudulent. Realistically, there is no way even the best driving instructor on Earth can guarantee you will pass your test at any specific time. Anything could happen on the day and even the most capable and competent learners make the occasional mistake.

It is therefore important to be wary of claims like these and to avoid those who make them. Driving schools can promise to mould you into a safe and confident driver, but they cannot guarantee when and where you will pass your test.

Myth 5 – You can expect a high-pressure, high-intensity experience

This myth is based on the assumption that intensive driving courses take place in a rushed and somewhat frantic way. When in reality, the lessons are conducted in the same way as regular driving lessons. A one-hour driving lesson in standard traffic conditions is a one-hour driving lesson in standard traffic conditions – irrespective of whether it is part of an intensive course or a conventional driving lesson.

Consequently, you can expect the same relaxed, informal and enjoyable experience behind the wheel, no matter how intensive your driver tuition program may be.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss the benefits of intensive driving courses in Didsbury in more detail, contact a member of the team at Manchester Driver Training today.

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