Easy steps to install the wireless setup on the printer

Whenever you need any document on hardcopy, connect to the printer and get the printout easily. Earlier, the user had to configure the printer with a PC with a cable. But today, the user can use the printer with multiple devices. Once you create the connection then take your printouts without any worry.

Unboxing your new printer device

Whenever you want to purchase a printout, check a few things. If you want the printer for taking printouts of photographs or high-quality images then go for inkjet. At home, users can get a small size inkjet that can be easily placed anywhere. Whereas for libraries or universities, lasers can be a good option. The printout cost is way less in laser printers and the speed is also good. Once you get the printer, check all the parts before installing it.

  1. Place the printer box on a clean surface and remove the tape
  2. Take out the printer 
  3. Remove all the protective covers and tapes
  4. Check the ink cartridges
  5. You will also get the cables 
  6. Check the box for manual and driver disc

Once you get all the items; use a cable and connect the printer to electricity. Turn on the printer and now you can configure it to the system or network. If you get an error; check the network. Sometimes, the router is not working correctly and the printer gets a connection error. Recheck the SSID and pin for the printer connection. When you are unable to create the connection, ask the professionals for help.

Install the printer software on the system

After the connection, the user can find the printer on the network and take the printouts. Your printer will only take the commands from the driver-installed devices. PC and printer are two different devices. For communication; you will require the driver. It will transfer the print job from PC to printer. Get the software from the printer’s website or use the disc. After program installation, use the printer reliably.

Connecting printer to the wireless network

If the printer has a wireless connection feature then running you can configure the printer to the network and then access it from several devices. Before configuring Canon mg3600 wireless setup, the user should check a few things. Connect the device to a secure network only. Never configure the printer to open the network otherwise anyone can access it. Create a strong password on the printer for protection. The user must have the information about the network’s SSID and pin for connection. When the router has a physical WPS pin then he can configure the printer directly

  1. Go to the menu on the printer
  2. Select Settings tab
  3. Go to connection mode
  4. Choose Wireless and tap on Confirm 
  5. Go to the router and enable WPS
  6. Your printer Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking
  7. Check the printer screen for available network
  8. Select your network and enter the pin

When the printer is connected correctly, the lamp will remain lit. Now the user has to find the printer from the PC. Users can access the printers from devices that are on that network. Open a PC and go to the Devices tab. You will see the Printers & Scanners page. Open that tab and select Add a Device option. Now you have to choose the printer and then provide the password. After the connection; take the test printout. 

Connection the printer wirelessly using the standard method

When you can’t connect the printer to the network using WPS; check for the standard connection method. This connection method requires printer software. Go to the computer and get the printer setup (from CD or web). 

  1. Run printer’s set up on the system
  2. Select Next and then choose Wireless on the Connection method
  3. On Wireless, choose Access Point Connection and select the Next button
  4. The program will inspect for then pre-connected networks
  5. Select Not Found option
  6. Software setup will start installing
  7. Choose Cabless and press the Wi-Fi button
  8. Release the button 
  9. Users will get a setting wizard on the screen
  10. Once the printer finds the access point, tap on the Next 
  11. Location wizard will appear 
  12. Select the location and region
  13. On License Agreement, select Yes and wait to install
  14. User will get Installation complete message on the screen

Tap on the Finish button and the printer is now connected wirelessly. You can take the printouts and work reliably.