Install Mcafee Antivirus on Mac and Windows

Getting McAfee Antivirus means 100% protection from viruses. This antivirus requires no promotion because it is a well-known anti-virus with advanced security capabilities. It can eliminate any virus or malware attack on your computer.

Don’t take just our words when we say it’s the greatest antivirus, but the numbers will speak for its popularity itself. This antivirus program is used by millions of people. Yes, you read that correctly.

When it’s about your device and data security, millions of users rely only on MacAfee. Another benefit of installing McAfee is the company’s outstanding customer service. Therefore when it comes to antivirus, you get the perfect blend.

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet downloaded it! Through this post, we will explain to you the easiest process of installing this antivirus on various operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows. Let’s first understand the process of McAfee installation.

Macafee Antivirus Installation Instructions

  • For installing the antivirus, open any browser. Then open or its website.
  • Enter and hit “Enter”.
  • Choose “My Account” and select “Sign In”.
  • In case, you have an existing McAfee account, enter the “Email” address along with the password there.
  • Tap “Login”.
  • If you don’t own an account, choose “Register Now” and follow the guidelines of “Mcafee Antivirus Issues” to register.
  • Once you set up the account, log in with the help of the credentials.
  • Next, select the device type for installing the software.
  • Click “Download” and hit “I accept” when you see the license page.
  • Note down the serial number being displayed for future purposes.

Installing McAfee Antivirus on Your Windows

  • Firstly, tap twice on “Product Packaging” to open it.
  • Find “Quick Start Guide” under “Product package”.
  • Under the guide, you can easily find the Activation/Product key.
  • Thereafter, open your browser then sign into the install link visible on the card.
  • Then enter your Activation as well as Product key there. If you see a different country name then change it.
  • Ensure to register yourself as a fresh user, or you can log in with the existing user when asked.
  • Once finished with the activation process, access the CD for completing the final steps.
  • Now place that CD inside your computer’s drive.
  • Accept the “Conditions” for initiating the installation.
  • Once done, clear the checkbox. Now enter the Product/Activation key and mention the account details.
  • After completing the steps, tap on “Finish”.

Installing McAfee Antivirus on Your Mac

In order to install this antivirus on your Mac system, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, uninstall all old security applications from your system.
  • Open the screen “McAfee Security”.
  • Now hit “Get McAfee”.
  • Then log into the account with your username/email/address/password.
  • Tap “Install Locally” then begin the installation process.
  • Moving on, tap twice on the particular downloaded file.
  • Now tap on “Run”.
  • If you see a prompt for approval, hit “Open”.
  • Choose “Agree & Install” after which a security tool will come up on the window.
  • Tap “Install Helper”.
  • Now choose “Security Preferences”.
  • Furthermore, allow and tap “Continue” for completing the installation.
  • Once done, restart the system and will start showing on the screen. 

Activating the McAfee Antivirus 

For activating the McAfee antivirus on your computer (Windows), the steps are:

  • Firstly, uninstall the old antivirus you were using by tapping on “Add or Remove Programs” under “Windows Panel”.
  • An alternative is to extend your antivirus by inputting the product key. It saves your processing time consumed in installing new antivirus software.
  • Or else, you can also follow the method of “Web Installation” to register the product key, further utilize the CD to install it.
  • Open the packaging then find the activation or product key in the guide.
  • When you put the code, you will have a link. After viewing it, open “Google Chrome”.
  • Type the given web install link on your browser’s address bar. After the page opens, choose your country, then write the Activation key.
  • In case you have a McAfee account then log in via the credentials. Or else, make a new one.
  • Then place the CD inside the PC drive and it will run the process automatically.
  • Now when the License Agreement page appears, read and accept it to move ahead.
  • McAfee’s installer sometimes asks you for input. Enter the activation key.
  • Complete the installation by providing your McAfee username and password. Repeat these steps if you encounter any McAfee Antivirus issues.
  • Exit the window by clicking on “Finish”.

That’s it! You are done!

Final Words

McAfee is free antivirus software that you can easily download from the website. Thereafter you must install it after which it will scan your system to detect any viruses. If you take its subscription, it guarantees you 100% protection from malware and viruses.

To help you with the same, we have provided the way to download, install, and activate the antivirus on all three OS (Mac, Windows, and Linux). We hope, you enjoy its services and make your system virus-free.