Instagram’s efforts to combat cyberbullying and online harassment

Instagram is a digital platform having a huge number of people from different social and cultural backgrounds. All of them work and interact together forming a versatile community including people from a multitude of religious beliefs and cultures. So, when there are people of different mindsets and backgrounds then there arise issues like bullying among people due to their different mindsets. Bullying is one of the most important things that is mainly faced by people who are too famous on Instagram.

People never think before saying anything that how much it may feel hurtful to the next person, they just want to pass on their opinion about them without thinking about the consequence of it. Bullying nowadays has become one of the biggest problems that are faced by people on social media. Instagram is trying to cope with this matter by implementing different rules and introducing new features so that it may be controlled.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the necessary measures that are taken by Instagram to combat cyberbullying and how they reduce the ongoing bullying tradition. If you are working as a business on Instagram then bullies can impact the performance of your brand as well so you must keep on a huge follower count so that they may not affect your visibility and performance. Buy Instagram followers is the best way to keep your visibility and performance on track and resist the bullies to affect your performance.

What is cyberbullying?

Bullying has become the most common issue around the world and this practice is equally present in all nations and regions of the world. But if a person is bullying someone with the use of digital technology then it is called cyberbullying. This type of bullying takes place everywhere on social media because people can say hurtful comments to you at any time just by sitting behind the screens of their devices. It is more toxic if this behavior is continuously repeated in their behavior just to make others scared or angry. Some of the most common examples of cyberbullying include the following aspects:

·         Bullies start spreading lies about someone by posting embarrassing videos or photos on social media. This kind of bullying is so commonly encountered by celebrities. 

·         Bullies start sending hurtful, abusive, or threatening messages, images, or any other type of content on direct messaging platforms.

·         Bullies also try to impersonate someone and send cheap messages to others by using fake social media accounts so that the receiver may not know who is behind all this nonsense.

Bullying on someone’s face is another common type of bullying that is majorly faced by people around the world this type of bullying hardly can have a record but the bullying that is done on social media has proper proof and evidence that may be very helpful to stop it. you can also Buy 20000 TikTok Views UK  to sustain your image on social media if you ever encounter cyberbullying.

How Instagram handles cyberbullying?

Instagram always try its best to provide its user with the most amazing and streamlined user experience and clearly says no to cyberbullying or any other abusive behavior. It has introduced several filters that prevent abusive messages to come to its users from any fake account.

As Instagram has declared itself as a protecting partner for you when it comes to cyberbullying. Let’s explore the features that are recently introduced by Instagram to counter this problem that is being faced by people, worldwide.

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Comment warning

This feature stops people to comment something offensive on your post. As most bullies use the comment section to attack people using hate comments and abusive language without thinking for a while that how much it may be hurtful to someone. All these people may get warned by Instagram for commenting like this and according to the community guidelines their comments can be hidden by Instagram.

Tag and mentions

Another way bullies use to make others angry or disturb is by mentioning them in posts or stories which they have nothing to do with. When they mention you in the stories and posts which are inappropriate it may be seen by the people who are following you. so, Instagram has taken control of it by restricting people from mentioning others anywhere on Instagram.


This is the option that tells the victims of cyberbullying what they can do in response to the bullying. When you report someone on Instagram, the team will keep reviewing the online activity of that user. So, if you find someone that is behaving against the community guidelines and spreading hate, you must report them immediately. 


This feature on Instagram also helps you to deal with people who are getting hateful and offensive. If you find someone who is disturbing you with their offensive behavior so is better for you to block them rather than get into any kind of negative discussion with them as it keeps stress free and prevents all the negative effects out of your life.


It helps you hide the unwanted interactions that you don’t need on your profile. If you enable this feature all the data which you don’t like will be hidden from your profile.

Wrap up

While you are using a digital platform to interact with people then it is the moral responsibility of that platform to protect its users from getting victimized by cyberbullying. Instagram plays its role so well in this respect and it filters out almost everything that can make you depressed or make you feel hurt.

Hope you find this article informative and helpful.