Instagram Influencers pricing

The more Instagram likes and followers that an individual has, the more they can generate money from their profile. People who have many followers and get paid to advertise to their thousands of followers are known as Instagram Influencers. These people have thousands and even millions of people invested in their brands and what they promote sells like hotcakes. Influencers have gone from being paid with free products to charging thousands of dollars for each post through the years. To be a part of the elite group of paid to post, you need to meet some requirements. You should have a brand that aligns with the company, and your follower’s engagements must be high. Let’s look at how one can become an influencer:

Buying Instagram likes

Not everyone can get many likes on all their posts, and the option to buy likes appeals to many people. Companies such as give you the privilege to buy Instagram likes. You have options to buy likes on your old posts as well as to have automatic likes. All you need to do is decide what type of influencer you want to become and post images along those lines. The likes will roll in, giving you recognition, and you will be on your way to charging anything from ten dollars to ten thousand dollars per post. Keep in mind that you can also buy followers to be able to gain more per post. With Socialshaft, you can buy Instagram likes, followers, and comments.

Organic growth

    If you want to be a nano Instagram influencer and work with small businesses, this is the route to take. All you need is 1000 followers and be willing to accept gifts as payment. As your account grows, you can then start charging companies. Unfortunately, developing an account takes a very long time, and it can be challenging to find a business that is willing to work with you.

Calculating pricing

    Factors that influence how much an influencer can charge include:

Estimated reach all your followers may not see your post as it may not appear on their timeline depending on how many people they follow. The number of people that view your post, whether it is on the explore page or people share your post. The estimated reach is what convinces a company to work with you.

Engagement rate – this is your likes and comments divided by the number of followers you have. The higher your engagement rate, the more money you can charge. Your high engagement rate shows that your followers value what you post. If it is higher than six percent, you are a goldmine for companies, and you should not sell yourself short.

Followers- Without followers, you are not an influencer. Regardless of how big or small, your followers should give you an engagement rate that you can boast about. The higher the followers and engagement rate, the more payment you will receive per post.

To conclude    There is no fixed amount that influencers get paid per post. It would be best if you branded yourself to ensure that your engagement is not all over the place. Pick a niche and post creative content that brands would want to be associated with. Remember that you are also creating a brand, and you need to set yourself apart from all the influencers. When working with Socialshaft, you need to have an appealing page about whether you buy Instagram likes or comments. Maintain your image and find out how much your peers charge, so you sell yourself well. Influencers are the new marketing, and brands are willing to pay if your likes and comments will translate to more sales or exposure to them.