Instagram Growth Hacks for your business

Instagram used to be a smaller photo-focused social channel where teens would hang out but in recent years it has turned out to be one of the most important social media channels. Businesses are including Instagram on their marketing efforts and marketers are focusing their efforts on growing their audiences over Instagram.

 In this article, We will talk about some of the most interesting hacks that you can use to grow your audience on Instagram.

Keep a track of new updates:

Always be on a lookout for new additions to the Instagram platform. Whenever some new feature is added to the platform, early adopters get a fair advantage because Instagram usually provides with more visibility to their new features which results in increased visibility to the people who are using that feature.

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For-example when IGTV came out, people used to get massive views for their videos because Instagram was on the news for this awesome feature and Instagram was pushing IGTV content to its users to acknowledge them about IGTV. This resulted in people getting massive viewers who used this feature in its early days.

Take advantage of the Explore page:

Almost every Instagrammer visits the explore page also known as the search page every day. From there he looks at posts by different pages and chooses to follow them if he likes their content. Many people ask how can your content end up on top of the Instagram explore page. 

When someone is spending more time on your Instagram page, or specifically on a post. Instagram algorithm is designed to give that post more important and those posts are more inclined towards getting up on the explore page. 

One of the tested ways to end up on the Instagram explore page is by using video content. Videos are typically longer and people spend more time watching videos as compared to watching images.

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Use Hashtags in posts:

Hashtags are a great way of diving into new audiences. People usually make mistakes when using hashtags for their posts. They would search for the most popular Instagram hashtags and insert them all in their Instagram posts. 

If you pick a hashtag with three million followers, that same hashtag will also be getting two million posts every day and your post will disappear ins seconds. 

Try looking out for hashtags that have a moderate amount of followers but less number of posts. This will give your posts a chance to stay on the radar for a while longer. Which will help you gain a lot of new viewers for your posts and new followers.

Hashtags in stories:

Stories have got a lot of popularity in recent years. Someone who is scrolling through Instagram will maybe not look at the posts but most people do look at all the stories. 

Use hashtags with the strategy explained above in your Instagram stories too. This way your stories will be viewed by many people and you will be in a zone of less competition which means you have a nice spot of grabbing the attention of your viewer. 

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Schedule your Instagram posts:

Consistency is the key to maintaining the growth of an Instagram page. If you are posting regularly and stop for a week. Your performance will affect a lot and you will have to work a lot in gaining back that stride of growth.

Make a free account on buffer and dedicate an hour to schedule content to be posted regularly on your Instagram account. With a free account, you can easily schedule 15 days of posts and that can help you a lot.

In conclusion, Instagram has been an essential part of the growth of many businesses. With a lot of competition on Instagram, the growth process for many companies has gone a bit tedious. Now to make sure your Instagram account is going upward you have to think outside the box. You have to constantly put your content in front of new audiences, engage with your followers and post superior content for your followers regularly.