Instagram Engagement Tips That Work In 2021

It can be frustrating when you put on compelling and well-thought content and still lack engagement. Fortunately, there are tons of methods out there, both organic and paid to assist in expanding the reach and boosting engagement.

Since the app’s algorithm has been constantly changing so do the strategies to heap great advantages from it.  In case you are wondering what are those tried and tested methods that help you to build a cohesive community around your brand? Well, the article unearths those amazing methods that work in 2021 and will let you improve your Instagram marketing game.

Why followers are important for businesses to boost engagement?

Instagram followers interact with you by liking, commenting, viewing, or sharing the content you post. Businesses always prioritize attracting more followers because they help you get famous, bring more followers to you, help you develop a rapport. Also, play a vital role in forecasting your way to success. Apart from a fact that businesses can always purchase real Instagram followers, they also opt for different strategies like switching to a business profile, getting creative with posts and using smart tags, and collaborating with influencers also go a long way. Here are the other three methods that help you increase followers and ultimately engagement.

Never give up

Be sure to use all features be it feeds, stories, reels, IGTV to spread your message! If one of the features underperforms, chances are high that the other will outperform! Secondly, consistency is the key, and never give up on the platform rather use some Instagram engagement stickers built to draw the user’s attention. Poll stickers are also available for yes or no questions. Also, consider trying THIS AND THAT feature where you show two pictures or opinions and ask the audience which they like better?  Another excellent feature to compel users to engage with you is the ‘Ask me a Question box’ and then answer questions that people publicly post on your stories.

Immediately respond to comments

When you post on your feeds, stories, or anywhere, don’t just post or ghost, rather stay active and make sure you respond to comments the moment you receive. We suggest going a step ahead by asking a question and keep the conversation long – this tells Instagram, user likes your content, thus it leads to promoting your future content to them more often.

Optimize the post for a search

As per the big update for Instagram in 2021, the platform is prioritizing keyword-based content. People can type in keywords, plain words, like beauty blogs, not hashtags like #pepsi. So whenever you post, be sure that you include keywords in your content.

Keyword search on Instagram is a new trend that emphasizes should get the maximum benefit out of it.

Post content that is valuable to your client

If you have tried all methods and still are not getting the engagement, then you should revamp your content strategy.  There are certain things that you can do to ensure you are posting valuable content, go to Instagram’s insights, and see which post has performed well in the past. Also, take note of posts that performing exceptionally well on the comepetitors page. For More Info Visit: