Inspiring Modern Interiors With Trending Wall Decor

Are you confused about what type of wall art goes with your modern interiors? There are some thumb rules in contemporary design and so for the wall arts.

The modern design celebrates open space, clean lines, and geometric shapes. You just be careful while introducing wall arts. Too many or too many minor wall arts can hinder the overall look.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic ways in which you can layer up your wall with modern interiors.

Play Safe and  Bold With Large Wall Arts

Sizeable wall art like a giant, polished canvas on the accent wall of any room which is styled modern will look grand. Then, add beautiful photo prints of modern wall arts like geometric, minimalist, and contemporary designs.

Make sure your large wall art’s center point is 57 inches above the ground. The eye-level placement is necessary for the wholesome look of your modern room.

A statement Mirror

A classic mirror goes very well with modern interiors. You can hang it in any room with perfect shelves or accessories. The brightness and reflection look different and provide royalty to your decor.

Curate  a Personalized Gallery Wall

Inspiring Modern Interiors

Modern doesn’t always mean minimum decor and empty walls. You can highlight a wall in your bedroom or living room to create a gallery wall. Mix and match different framed canvas or unframed ones to create a grid.

You can also add your photography skills with family and friends photos in customized photo prints. 

A statement Clock

A statement modern style clock will impart a sophisticated look to your modern interiors—a clock on the wall opposite your dining area with a modern and sleek dining table. A sizeable clock just above the sofa or a fireplace can complete the look.

Decorative Shelves

Decorative alternate or simple shelving looks very functional and chic. You can place candleholders, green plants, and photo frames on them. The floating shelves also k=merges in the decor to form a sleek look.

Frame Botanicals

Go out of the box and do something unexpected. For example, you can frame living and nonliving botanicals on walls in the form of botanical wall arts.  Botanical arts with frames and grid arrangement look very good in any room. You can also make a green moss wall which demands little maintenance and looks natural and massive.

Macrame Plant hanging

An artistic giant macrame hanging on which you can hang a small indoor plant. It goes well with modern interiors and maintains luxury. The woven tapestry always looks soothing and warm. You can hang hand-made rugs or various tapestry items.

Metal Wall art

Metal illustrations hung on walls create instant communication pieces. Charming accents made from wrought iron, such as wall grills, candle holders,  and sconces, look very lavish. Copper wall art adds light and shine to walls.

From scrolling flowery designs depicting leaves, flowers, and trees to abstract and geometric motifs, metal wall sculptures fit practically any decor style. Use one in a grouping of wall shelves or to break up empty wall space.

Wall Planters

Vertical gardens are an outstanding space-saving idea for adding greenery anywhere in your home. First, turn the blank wall area in your kitchen into an herb bed. Next, create a living, organic accent wall in your living room. Finally, cover the complete wall or just a part.

Once the planters are fixed on the wall, they are self-watering by filling a storage tank with water. 

Then, by planting bushy, leafy plants, the wall planter becomes hidden by a wall of lush greenery. Wooly Pocket classifies different plant types as Spillers, Thrillers, and Fillers.

Wooden Paradise

Inspiring Modern Interiors

Wooden pieces come in a variety of sizes, styles, finishes, and types. It can be square, rectangular, or engraved form. 

Artists may wish to give the wood wall hanging in its original wood form or varnish, stain, or re-paint it to add luster. 

The hangings may appear in complex, shaped hangings or contemporary alphabets hanging on a child’s entrance.

Wall Fountains

These are yet other unique, organic wall decors—a wall fountain with lush greenery with the calming sound of water. 

They demand little attention and add a massive element to your modern interior. Picture this watery garden in from of your current dining area. It is so relaxing and gorgeous.

Summing up

You can mix and match wall arts in different rooms according to the design of the room. You can go for minimalistic wall arts or create an accent wall and decorate it. Wall arts are necessary for furnishing and making a focal point in the room.

Hang your wall arts at eye level and ensure proper spacing for a decluttered and organic look. The wall arts will complement your modern style interiors and bring the best out of them.