Insider Perfume Tips For Women To Smell Fabulous

Buying expensive perfume is not always enough. Even the luxury scents can sometimes not make you smell fabulous even after spraying it several times. If you are looking forward to smelling great all day long without putting in too many efforts or working for it, well, it is not possible. Even the top-notch celebrities and perfume experts put in a lot of arduous work and thinking in finding that one ideal scent. Pulse of Perfumery can help everyone choose the right scent. Bringing in for you from the insiders of the perfume industry, we have cataloged some of the tried and tested tips that can not only make your perfume smell amazing, vibrant but will also make it stay on your skin for hours.

Make Your Perfume Last Longer:

After every time you spray the perfume all over the body, it is not able to stay on for more than a couple of hours. This can be because you are not spraying it properly. The art of perfume application is something that can help you in making the perfume stay on longer on your skin and clothes to give a scented feel for all day long. These insider tips come straight from perfume experts and these will make you smell gorgeous, regardless of the season or the weather with your favourite perfumes for women.

  • Spray the perfume on freshly showered skin: This is the trick most of the perfume experts and celebrities follow around the world. They keep their desired perfumes on their dressers and vanity right in front of them. Right after you have showered, wipe off with the towel gently and spray the perfume directly on the skin.
  • Seal it with moisturiser: Once you have applied the perfume on the skin, seal it with an unscented moisturiser to provide some nourishment to your skin. This will make your skin soft and will keep the perfume molecules inside the pores. You can use unscented lotion or lotion that has matching fragrance just like your perfume. Using similar lotion can help in adding an extra layer of fragrance enhancing the perfume as well as making it last longer.
  • Top it off with another layer of perfume: This is something no one will tell you. You need at least 2 layers of perfumes to make it last long all day. The first layer should be applied right after the shower and before moisturizing and another one right after you have applied moisturiser on the skin. This one trick will not only help you to enjoy fragrance longer but will make the perfume stay on the skin. However, make sure to apply one or two spritzesonly of perfume for girls both times to avoid overapplication.
  • Refresh the perfume every couple of hours: This is something not all of us do especially due to a busy lifestyle. If you also spend most of your time outside, you need to do something extra. Instead of applying your perfume just once a day in the morning, you need to freshen up the scent every couple of hours. Spray the perfume on your pulse points and see your scent stay on you all day long.

Know Your Skin And Perfume:

Before purchasing any perfume, you love over the counter or fro man online perfume store, you need to understand your skin to make the scent last longer. People with oily skin tend to enjoy fragrance lasting longer than others. You can use any type of perfume if you have oily skin and still have the scent lasting longer. However, if you have combination skin using a moisturiser on your skin is recommended.

For people with dry skin, perfume experts suggest using a good moisturiser as well as oil-based scents or perfumes with higher fragrance essence to make it last longer on your skin. During the summer season, you should stick to lighter scents however, for winters when your skin is dry, using oil-based perfumes is the best thing to do.

Understanding your fragrances, skin and accurately using them helps in making the perfume last longer. Apart from this, you should always invest in an excellent quality perfume that has higher perfume essence and a good base. This helps the scent to stick to your skin and disperse slowly as well as consistently.

You should also try to get your hands on a miniature perfume from the top international brand which you can keep in your handbag or pocket. This will help you in getting a fresh layer of scent on your skin whenever you feel like. Keep these tips by top known perfume enthusiasts in mind so that you can get a lasting scent all around you. Make your personality aromatic and be the talk of the town for all the good reasons using these tips and tricks coming directly from the insiders of perfume industry.

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