Easily Insert Draft Watermark to PDF Documents With or Without Adobe

In the following article, the users who need assistance to insert draft watermark to PDF will get help. You can use these free techniques to include any for of watermark, say, a draft on the PDF files easily.

What is a Draft Watermark in PDF?

A Draft Watermark is a text added over the content of a document. This text is added in such a manner that all the data beneath this text is visible to the users and this watermark delivers a message to the fellow PDF users. The Draft word transmits the message that the document is incomplete. There may be additions and modifications to the existing content.

A PDF file is created in many forms. You can create a doc file, add all the contents with draft watermark, and finalize it. Afterward, convert this DOC to PDF, this is one method. The next is the direct one. Create a new PDF file, add content to it directly, and then add the watermark for fellow user analysis. In the coming sections, you will learn some new and free mechanisms to add watermark to PDF. It will be fun and you will learn the techniques without any efforts taken to insert draft watermark to PDF files.

Free Methods for Draft Watermarking in PDF File

You know, in this era, there are a large number of online tools available to add a watermark on a PDF file. You can set any form of the watermark using these online tools. But they are dependent on internet stability. Here, you can find some simple applications that work on the desktop without the need for any internet and easily insert draft watermark to PDF. So let’s get is started.

Method#1 SysTools PDF Watermark Tool

SysTools PDF Watermark Adder is one application that adds on free watermark on the PDF file. The application is free to use and you are definitely satisfied with the process of applying draft watermark on the PDF files. The application is offering two modes of watermarking on the PDF document; draft as a text or as an image. Both are accepted to be placed as a watermark on your PDF files.

Steps to Insert Draft Watermark to PDF

  1. Download and Install SysTools PDF Watermark Tool.
  2. Click on Watermark option and choose Text watermark option.
  3. Click on Add File to insert PDFs for draft watermarking.
  4. Enter Draft in the text field and position it over the PDF page.
  5. Customize the opacity and browse a location to save the PDF files.
  6. Click Next and then click on Generate to insert draft watermark to PDF.

This will be it. All your PDF documents will now preview with a draft watermark on them. This process is very easy and you can get all your PDF files watermarked in a single process. The applications allow batch file processing.

As we are talking about the facilities it gives out, you need to know that this application is only for the Windows users. The Mac system users still need to wait for another similar process to comfort their effort.

Method#2 Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe organization is popular in working with the PDFs. It has a very popular application with the name Acrobat that offers to perform all forms of modifications on a PDF file. The application is very well appreciated for watermarking the PDF files. This application can also insert draft watermark to PDF files. Moreover, this tool would be the accessibility of protected PDF files. The application asks for the password to enter the draft watermark on the PDF files.

Steps to Insert Draft Watermark to PDF Document

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat DC on your system.
  2. Go to Tools menu >> select the Edit PDF option.
  3. Select the Text watermark option and enter Draft in the text field.
  4. From the Appearance section, set the Opacity and Rotation.
  5. Customize the placement of watermark with Vertical & Horizontal distance.

Click OK to insert watermark in PDF file.

This will add the draft watermark on each PDF file selected. For each protected PDF, you will be asked to enter the password for accessing the PDF and insert draft watermark on it. You know, this application is foremost known to be the best application while working with the PDF formats.

Adobe Acrobat also offers similar functions as in SysTools PDF Watermark tool. This has options to insert draft watermark as a text or as an image on the PDF files.

This application offers a free trial of 30 days to use this facility over the PDF documents. Once this time period is complete, you will have to license your Acrobat application. You can activate a subscription plan that will require renewal at equal intervals according to the plan taken.

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Final Words

A Draft Watermark states that the document is not complete and will have additions and modifications. If you need some offline and free techniques to comfort your PDF watermarking work, try the techniques discussed above. It is for sure that you need assistance in PDF draft Watermarking, if it is so, use the above methods to ease your effort and insert draft watermark to PDF documents.