Innovative web design trends that make you stand out in 2020

Web design trends are continually changing. With advanced web and design technologies, businesses don’t have to choose anymore between innovative and high-end design trends and affordable web design services.

When you find the right web design company, you don’t have to compromise on anything. Here are a few innovative web design trends for 2020 that you would want to consider when building or redesigning your website. 

Immersive 3D design elements


3D technology is raising the standards of graphic designs and interactive designs within the website space. 3D visuals have always appealed to people. However, with better accessibility of advanced technology and affordable web design services, incorporating 3D elements in your website is possible for everyone.

You can create an immersive experience for your website visitors by building hyper-realistic 3D design elements that take up the entire screen. It empowers you to deliver top-notch UX, along with an interactive 3D design that encourages the visitors to engage longer with your site. 3D technology is a fantastic trend to experiment with until VR becomes more mainstream. 

Imperfections add personality to your brand

Imperfect, miss-match, and hand-drawn design elements bring emotions and human touch into a website. People have seen enough of the perfect, and right now, they are craving for the unusual, imperfect designs. The realness, heart, and soul of your website are what appeal to the new-age of Internet users.

So, maybe some rough edges, open shapes and purposefully done messy-looking elements make your brand more real and human for the audiences.

Floating elements, soft shadows, and layers

Source: Tekrevol

Just like the 3D effect, this trend also helps you add more depth and impact to your website design. Floating elements and soft shadows into your website design add more interest to the personality you are trying to create and give your web page an under-played version of 3D or lifelike feel.

It doesn’t always have to be in graphics. You can be as creative as you like. You can integrate this trend into text and photos as well. Besides, soft shadows and layering make your 2D layout stand out by giving the elements the floating feel.

Mix photographs with graphics

Using real photographs and mixing in your graphics or illustrations brings out the personality of your brand, creates more memorable visual, and communicates a more personalized message. It’s truly time to let your creativity take over. Use photos of the objects, people, or products, whatever compliments the story you are trying to tell with your website.

This really is the magical web design trend. It can do wonders by adding real charm and beauty into your somewhat bland product images. However, the graphics and illustrations give you the flexibility to incorporate your brand style in a more playful, exciting, and sophisticated manner.

Choose luminous and glowing color schemes

Source: Buzzflick

Futuristic designs and courageous color schemes are trending in 2020. Web designs are becoming more daring, dauntless, and bold, which is you are going to see more of bright and beautiful colors like blues, orange, pink, purple, to get that glowing, futuristic feel. Using highly saturated colors and neon with smart combinations of darker shades are going to give your web design an eye-catching luminous vibe.

This year is all about getting out there and standing out. And what better way to do that than to make your site glow. 

The New age of web design trends

With the end of 2010s, the web design trends of 2020 are truly embracing futurism unlike ever before. This is the best time to shine bright with your creative side, go bold, and grab the attention with 3D effects, channeling the imperfects, and glowing away.

The modern web design services are all about delivering the high-end experience, minimalist navigation, and designs that bring out your brand’s personality.