Innovative Rowing Machines For the Best Workout

It can be challenging to get in a full-body workout on a tight schedule. If you are looking for a piece of exercise equipment that allows you to maximize your workout time, a rowing machine is a great option.

Rowing targets your arms, core, and legs in one motion. It is a great cardio workout, and you can burn a lot of calories in a short time period. Even with its body-shaping benefits, rowing is considered a low-impact exercise and has a lower risk of injury than other activities.

There are four types of rowing machines:

  • Magnetic Rowers: these rowers use a magnet for resistance. The magnet moves around, and its distance from the flywheel determines the level of resistance.
  • Hydraulic Rowers: in these machines, air or fluid in the rower’s cylinders create resistance when activated by pistons on the handlebars.
  • Air Rowers: just as its name implies, these machines create resistance using a flywheel that blows air as you pull. Air rowers give you a wide range of resistance but can be noisy.
  • Water Rowers: these machines have a tank of water that provides the resistance when you pull.

There are benefits to every rower style, but newer machines incorporate the most recent technology to optimize your workout. So, what should you look for in a rowing machine? Here are examples of the latest machines and features available:

Rowers with Display Screens

Many machines feature screens displaying your heart rate, number of calories burned, and other workout statistics. Some companies have incorporated touchscreens with outdoor backgrounds so you can feel like you are on the water. The Hydrow rower has the option of streaming workout classes on the screen.

Machines Offering a Quiet Rowing Experience

The creaking, grinding, and humming sounds of exercise machines can make it difficult to really enjoy your workout. When shopping for your rowing machine, look for features that keep the noise level to a minimum.

Silent rowers are better for your body, as noisy distractions can cause blood pressure and heart rate to increase unnecessarily. If you like listening to music during your workout, silent machines allow you to put on your headphones and row away without bothering anyone around you.

Ergonomically Designed Rowers

If you have ever experienced pain while exercising, you know the importance of finding a machine that provides comfort and support. Finding a rower with proper cushioning, seat adjustment options, and comfortable handles will ensure your workout is smooth and painless.  

Easy-to-Store Rowing Machines

Exercise equipment can be heavy and bulky. The good news is, there are machines available with easy maneuverability and convenient storage features. Look for a machine that can be rolled around your space and folds for easy storage.

As technology has evolved, so has workout equipment, and rowing machines now offer many different options and benefits. Finding the right rowing machine can be a challenge, but knowing about the different types of rowers on the market can help narrow your search.