Ingenious Furniture to Save Space

The kitchen is a very special room in the home and it should be equipped in a way that is beautiful, comfortable and, above all, very practical. It is the favourite space for those who like to cook and one of the rooms where we spend the most time. With this list of ingenious furniture and accessories, you will have an original dream kitchen and, which is also very important, you will maximize your space by making cooking for yourself and your family or guests a pleasure.

Corner sofa for special evenings

Continuing with the ingenious wooden tables, a great idea that you can design yourself, adapting it to the space of your kitchen is the idea of ​​a small sofa (or bench) in the corner of it.

This sofa will allow you to have a coffee, sit down to rest between plates and, most interestingly, integrate a small round glass table and some stools to create a very intimate and comfortable environment for small groups. The stools can be stacked and stored under the glass table; it will be a very interesting corner in your kitchen.

The revolving kitchen

Many designers insist on the functionality offered by rotating cylinder cookers. It is a set of basic kitchen appliances (stove, sink, worktop …) arranged as on a spool of thread, which is perfect to place in the middle of the kitchen and thus allow you to cook from the middle of the room and save space. Maybe it is the option you were needing.

Drop-down corner drawers

Who said that corners cannot be used? This extendable space-saving furniture takes full advantage of the corner, allowing us to store a large number of pots, pans, plates or any kitchen accessory you need. A good way to save space.

Doors that swing-out

In recent years, kitchen decoration has largely opted for doors that open outwards, making access to our appliances more practical and easier, since the cube of these doors also comes out. A sophisticated and modern option that will allow you to store many more things if you organize them by compartments, for example, taking advantage of the vertical space.

The “hidden” breakfast corner

Do you ever think that you have little space left to cook at your leisure because the entire countertop is occupied by the coffee maker, toaster, kettle or other appliances? It is undeniable that it is a pleasure to cut, peel and have the space we need without that feeling of overwhelm that used pots or dishes that have already been finished give us.

For this, this option is simple and original. It is a concealed cabinet with a push-open door and a sliding tray. The most discreet way to store everything you need to prepare breakfast or a snack without taking up unnecessary space in your kitchen!

There are many similar mechanisms (many of them you can make yourself) without changing the furniture that offer a breakfast corner by hand by simply opening a door.

Blinds on kitchen cabinets

Did you think blinds were only useful on windows? You can also use them on your kitchen furniture, so that the content is only visible when you open them, taking away the advantages and disadvantages of both open and closed kitchen furniture with drawers and doors. In addition, you will give a very interesting vintage and differentiating touch that will make no one think that yours is a conventional kitchen.

Shelving to make the most of vertical space

If you have too many kitchen utensils and less space than you would like, this option will seem ideal. It is a piece of furniture called Staircase, a storage unit that aims to take advantage of all vertical space, even the one you don’t reach. The idea is a series of steps, narrow, but very high, which are actually blocks with doors to store everything you need.

How do I get to the higher steps, you ask, but the Staircase designer didn’t forget to think about that? It is as simple as slightly removing the two or three lower steps, which will serve as stairs to allow you to comfortably reach what you have stored at the top. You may have a look at cat wall furniture for superb options.

A set of tables and chairs that is also a large shelf

Perhaps in your kitchen, there is no space for a table and a chair because you have to invest it in furniture for storage, why give up one or the other? With this ingenious piece of furniture, you will be able to store everything you want without it being noticed that it contains a surprise inside: chairs and tables ready to be taken out when you need to sit down to eat. In addition, this option is perfect for both kitchens and living rooms. It never hurts to have a piece of furniture to store things.

Painting with surprise

The kitchen is not only furniture, pots and appliances, there can also be art in this piece of furniture that, in addition, but you can also make yourself. It is a piece of furniture fixed to the wall with the door opening outwards on which there is a beautiful painting: your child’s drawing, the landscape seen from the window of the beach house or the street where you grew up. It will allow you to store pots, spices, dishes or everything you need.

The trolley that serves as a side table

A kitchen cart with wheels and several shelves will allow us to store the vegetables and fruits that we need, as well as a wide variety of accessories, such as cutting boards, ladles and a long etcetera, but it has the particularity that its upper part, the one that remains at chest height, it serves as a side table.

It is perfect for small kitchens with little space on the counter and, in addition, the fact that it has wheels will allow us to move it around the place as we cook. Simple and very useful!