Information About Enneagram Type One 

Type One Enneagrams are meticulous and stick to the rules. They avoid making mistakes. Others may find them accurate, responsible, and perfectionists.

Enneagram One is often strict about details and rules. They get frustrated when things don’t meet their high standards at work or in their relationships.

Deepest Fears: One fears being “bad” people, morally flawed, or seen as imperfect. This fear is overcome by rigid discipline and a high level of self-esteem.

Core Motivation: One aims to be honourable and sound – and live a meaningful life. They always look for the most efficient and correct way to accomplish things.

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The Type 1 Personality Trait

  • Conversations should be severe and direct.
  • Be a good steward of practicality and thrift.
  • Employees who are diligent and hardworking
  • High internal standards
  • Plan and decision rigidity
  • Concentration and concentration are essential skills.
  • Teaching and instructing is a natural talents.

How rare are Enneagram Type 1 

  • A Truity survey of over 54,000 people revealed that Type Ones made up about 10% of the total population. Ones make up 10% of both men and women, with no gender differences.

Type 1 Enneagram In Depth

Perfectionists are serious-minded, responsible pragmatists. They seek purpose in life, in particular, to make the world better for everyone.

They use their best judgment to identify solutions that can be used in real life. They are deeply interested in ethics and spend a lot of time reviewing and tweaking their moral compass.

Ones often have a clear vision of their life and work hard behind the scenes to make it a reality. A sense of duty and perseverance drive them. They are quiet and well-controlled and will keep their promises and follow through.

Perfectionists will go to great lengths to ensure their work is flawless and top-notch. They are proud to create efficient schedules and plans that allow them to complete tasks in the most efficient way possible. Optimization is a lifestyle choice.

Ones, Type Eight, and Type Nine all belong to the Enneagram’s “body-based” trinity. This triad is focused on anger’s core emotion, which Type Ones deal with by creating their lives around the order.

Perfectionists believe they won’t have to worry about anger or frustration if everything is in order and under control. This Type views anger as “wrong” and will suppress it, which can lead to feelings such as resentment or self-loathing.

Type Ones are often raised in chaotic environments. Type Ones feel responsible for keeping everything in order. The One believes everything will be “good” if they keep things in order.

Ones who believe they are always suitable can be critical of themselves and others. Healthy Ones accept imperfections and others as they are rather than focusing on what they “should” look like.

Enneagram 1 Wings

1w9Enneagram Type One Wing Nine personalities share many of the same characteristics as the Type One but are also similar to the Type Nine. They are calmer than the other Type Ones and have a strong sense of right and wrong. They are more open-minded to new ideas and perspectives than a typical One. They might appear quieter and more reserved than other Type Ones. This Type, like Type Nines, seeks peace and avoids conflict. 1w9s are attracted to careers in journalism, psychology, and social work.

1w2Enneagram Type One Wing Two personalities share many similarities to the Type One. These Ones are more concerned with the well-being of others and support causes that meet people’s needs. To make others better, they may be too critical or controlling of them. Like Type Two, this Type wants to help others and feel valued. 1w2s are attracted to careers in law, medicine, and social justice.

Enneagram’s Type 1 Core Values 

  • They are driven to improve all aspects of their lives. They strive to live by their values and principles and are determined to succeed.
  • A Perfectionist’s core values are responsibility and diligence. They are accountable and understand the functionalities of different products and systems.
  • Integrity is essential in their lives and has stood the test of time. A Perfectionist’s down-to-earth character is built on loyalty, justice, and honesty.

Healthy vs. Healthy vs. Unhealthy Enneagram 1 

Healthy people see the beauty in all situations and can accept the chaos and change that life brings. They can see the good in others and can accept and appreciate diversity. The Perfectionist has an outstanding work-life balance and knows how to relax.

They are average. These people are organized and compartmentalized, have strict ideals, and maybe passionate about social causes. They can demonstrate this in their personal and professional pursuits as well as in their societal memberships. Perfectionists are often rigid workers who may neglect their emotional needs to accomplish tasks.

Unwell people tend to lose touch with reality and rely on irrelevant things. This can lead to self-affirming biases that become obsessional and compulsion. To maintain their self-deprecating self-image, they may criticize others and nitpick. This state is rigid, and Perfectionists are prone to rage and fury when their beliefs are attacked.

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