Influencer Kris Degioia buys Mom ‘n Tot Box

02/22/23 Kris Degioia announced the Corporate by out of Mom ‘n Tot Box   Kris Degioia and CFO Rachel Towns, will now be running the company. Mom ‘n Tot Box is a monthly subscription box for Moms and Tots up to age four.

All boxes are exclusively from small businesses and made in the USA. Every box is unique, customized based on your child’s gender and age, and is carefully curated for its quality, uniqueness, and utility.

 Kris Degioia, and Rachel Towns, are both mothers to young boys and share a passion for small business. Kris, is very well known in the tech industry, along with owning 4 highly successful companies. Kris is also the mother of three young boys, Rachel a mother of 2 young boys. Both ladies has always believed in supporting local and small businesses when making purchases for her children. Both ladies modeled their love of entrepreneurism from their fathers, who both owned their own businesses. The pair came together to create a box where they could support small shops and provide their customers with truly amazing and unique treasures for themselves and their children every month.

Kris Degioia stated, “We are beyond excited to be taking over this venture and churning out some really exciting products, we will be launching a Dad N Tot box along with the Mom Box and Dad Box. We also plan on expanding to other boxes! The new owners have been working very hard to make the new transition a smooth one, however, they have been very realistic about some of the challenges that they face. “One of the hurdles we are overcoming is the inability to fill any previously pre-paid orders from the old management. We definitely don’t want to lose any previous client business, but we do understand the confusion and frustration this situation presents.” Any customers who have previously paid for subscriptions are being encouraged to reach out to the new management so that they can connect them with the previous owner responsible for refunding their payments or providing favorable solutions. “We want these customers who may be affected to understand that we are aware of the situation and want to help them in any way that we can. Any new orders placed by these customers will be processed immediately under our new ownership and management!”

“Over the years I have watched with amazement with all the work Kris Degioia has done. Everything she touches turn to gold. She is one of the top digital marketing influencers, yet quite humble. This is amazing company is going to be wowing us in the months to come, ” stated Black Diamond PR Firm CEO, Brandy Runyan. “There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than mothers coming together to create amazing products, service, and culture in today’s business world, and I believe that the Mom ‘n Tot Box is going to do just that.”

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