Influencer Hachemi on His Journey and How He Achieved His Dreams


Hachemi is a well-known influencer who has made a mark in digital work with his hard work and talent. Born in Marseille, the 26-year-old internet star is currently residing in Dubai since October 2020. From childhood, Hachemi was a creative soul who always stepped out of his comfort zone and tried new things.

Whether it’s music or technology, social media influencer Hachemi knows how to leave a great impression. He has a Computer Development degree, has done PhD and is now living the best life he has always imagined. Along with singing, the influencer has his mark in various virtual businesses. He says, “I am a globetrotter. In 2021, I made my subscribers travel to Tanzania 2x to Ny to Miami to Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Brazil, Thailand and Maldives.”

Hachemi’s influence has always been his father, a modern businessman. His father made his reign in the business world with hard work and determination. It inspired and encouraged Hachemi and made him believe in his aspirations. He says, “I decided to launch myself as an entrepreneur after having rolled my hump in the wage-earning and especially the student jobs. For me, it was impossible to work for someone and be satisfied with a monthly pay. After several bad experiences in big companies, I decided to leave everything to try the virtual business.”

While his business is booming, his music career is also going well. Hachemi has a Spotify channel where people can enjoy his amazing music. Some of his songs are Gucci, Success, Travel and a few others. On Instagram, ‘@hachemisb’ has over 109k followers. His follower admires his journey, travel posts, blogs and fashion sense. One of his reels has more than 1 million views.

Hachemi wants to keep ruling the internet world with his great work and achieve every possible dream. He has big plans for 2022.

Check out his Spotify Channel and Instagram page below: