Influence of stakeholders in the implementation of construction projects

Construction projects stakeholders management is the relationship between an organization and their interested groups or interested parties. These relationships affect people and their organizations, which can be positive or negative for any successful project. Thus, the stakeholders of any project must be driven by organizations seeking to minimize negative impacts and ensure that there are no barriers to a successful project.

Stakeholder management is now considered, at least in theory, in the building construction sector, as important to their business as other areas such as subcontracting, security or the environment Ibrahim Issaoui, of Safrimex Construction says.

Who are the stakeholders of the project?

Stakeholders are a term used to describe those who are interested or concerned about the activities of a project or business. Stakeholders differ based on a large number of factors, so there are many different potential stakeholders within a construction project. Regardless of the industry, it is important that the stakeholders of all projects are recognized in order to involve and involve them in the course of the project, allowing the project’s limitations and threats to its success to be identified, understood and appropriately addressed.

Construction companies and their projects have a number of different stakeholders, so in this article I will provide an overview of both internal and external stakeholder groups that are directly and indirectly affected, respectively.

Construction Stakeholder project Management

The special nature of the construction projects forces the leadership of the stakeholders in the sector to take these special factors into account, such as the types of contracts or the nature of the project site. Organizations in the construction sector are currently operating in a globalized marketplace with large project teams and joint projects with international companies, in which they exhibit cultural differences, professional ethics and different views on how to do business.

The relationship between the various technological agents in the building construction sector can be regulated or limited by contracts, for example, between a client and a developer. Contract deposits or administration liaison laws limit the strategic use of stakeholder management. For example, a commitment to complete work within a limited time frame with attached budget targets makes stakeholder leadership effective in challenging environments.

Impact of stakeholders on projects and organizations

As we have seen, the likelihood of project success is greatly reduced if stakeholders are poorly managed.

Especially those aspects that are taken into account for the project objectives, those that are affected by insufficient stakeholder participation. In this case, the project manager has problems with clearly defining the goals of the project. Without clear and precise goals, neither the project manager nor other stakeholders will know when the project will achieve its goals.

Efficient stakeholder management

Consistently use this insight to analyze your stakeholder engagement strategies and practices throughout the lifecycle of your project. This will maximize stakeholder engagement and increase project support.

Effective stakeholder management involves tracking the impact of your work on the communities in which you work, with maximum transparency and accountability. Make sure that your actions and communications are in the interests of your stakeholders and you will achieve much more effective results.


Organizations from the building construction sector should declare their moral obligations to the project stakeholders and agree on the results how this might affect the business case. Most of these organizations are small or medium sized companies. For most, retaining or losing a customer can be critical to getting things going. The need to retain customers obliges companies to have effective construction projects stakeholders management.

Good stakeholder management enables an organization to better understand its stakeholders, better manage its expectations, and improve business opportunities. I would rather have Visit for more information about our service for stakeholders in real estate production.