Inflatable Bounce House – Take Safety Precautions

With the beginning of summer fun also begins. You will find a variety of fairs with carnival rides, pop-ups, inflatable bounce houses, pumpkins, etc that are more than enough to grab any kid’s attention. Among all these fun games, the one which is an all-time favorite for all the kids and they love to spend time there. There are a whole lot of people who’ve purchased indoor bounce houses for their youngsters and set them up in their homes. What can not be done in a bouncer, your kids can jump, play, scream, and can perform a lot of activities with their buddies. But it also raises signs of dangers as many times kids fall from height or any other accidents may happen. Therefore, it is required to take all the safety measures before allowing your kid to use a jumping castle.

Whatever type of bounce house you are using for your kid’s entertainment,  protection will always be the concern. According to a survey in 2010, 31 kids get injured in a single day while playing in bouncers and then they are treated in the emergency departments of the United States. Also, it says that a toddler gets injured every 46 minutes. Injuries are of various kinds which include tissue injuries, strains, sprains, fractures, and so on. Don’t worry your kid can be saved from any accident that may happen in the bouncers. We have come with quite a few safety tips that you should follow and must keep in mind whilst your baby is ready for an inflatable jump.

Safety measures for residential bounce houses
If you are planning to purchase a moonwalker that you can set at your home and keep a watch on your kid playing there then it’s a must for you to take a look at the below mentioned instructions and recommendations.

Setting up the bouncer
You can buy a bounce house without any difficulty under $400 without any professional advice. What’s essential is to check the setup process so you can make it secure for your children.

Keep sharp items far from the bouncers, it’ll be proper to look into the ground or any other place for any sharp items wherein you’re planning to install the inflatable. Remove the small and sharp stones and other sharp items like jewelry, shoes, keys, glasses that can harm the bouncer, or harm your child.

If you’re purchasing the inflatable for one or two kids then you can buy a small bounce house that weighs 50 pounds. This will reduce the risk of deflating the bouncer. If you’re using an electric powered inflator ensure to understand the way to use it well and keep it away from small children.

Also, at the time of purchase, ensure to consult the owner about the wind pace as certain bouncers have specific capacities to bear the wind speed. In general, you cannot use a bounce house while the wind speed reaches 13-17 MPH. Secure the Jump balloon at the ground nicely to keep away from any additional accidents.

Keep an eye on the kid
If you have watched your kids carefully, you might notice a thing that kids don’t jump in a particular pattern, they usually attempt new and precise poses for jumping on the bouncer, specifically when you have organised a party in your residence. Keep the age restriction and weight restriction in your mind. Manufacturers and retailers often advise sending one child at a time (particularly when you are using a small bouncer) however this won’t be possible, so it’s far mandated to keep an eye on your youngsters whilst they are enjoying themselves in the bouncer.there are many water slides for kids always take care of the while they are on slides.

Supervise the activities
It is your responsibility to keep an eye on all of the activities which are happening within the jumping castle. You cannot be busy with accompanying parents. Also, you can hire someone for this or supervise by turn so you and your partner both can enjoy the birthday party.

Prepare the kids before permitting them in the bouncer
Kids get over-excited when they see a bouncer and begin jumping without taking any note of safety. It’s your responsibility to give an explanation to them about the dos and don’ts. Tell them to enjoy without flips or any fights. Not to push others while jumping and especially when they’re on slides. Ensure that only one child is sliding at a time and prohibit others from climbing at the same time as it could injure them. Make sure that every kid who’s playing within the bouncers is of the same weight and age so that there may be no chance of disbalance and the bouncer will last longer.

Avoid overloading
Every bouncer comes with a certain variety of limitations in which it recommends how many children can go in the bouncer at a time. If the boundaries exceed then there are chances that because of overcrowding any child may get injured. Also, due to overloading, it is possible that the anchors of the inflatable may loosen up and it starts deflating.
One such incident took place in 2013 in Washington, where three children were saved from a collapsed bounce residence.

Kids with health issues must avoid inflatables
If you have prepared a celebration wherein children are also invited then ensure no such child with critical health issues for example respiration problems, heart disease, lower back problems, etc, or kids with any serious injuries like a fracture, etc are not participating inside the bouncers. Though it will be a little difficult to persuade that child, it’s far necessary else it can hurt him/her and create extreme problems.

Commercial Bounce House Safety Precautions
Nowadays air jumpers or inflatables are so common in parties and different locations where there are possibilities for children to come. It will keep the youngsters engaged and let their parents revel in the birthday celebration. For such occasions, you may purchase a bounce house for rent wherein you may get professionals who will arrange the complete installation for you. These experts will manage the heavy lifting and all other issues.

But you can’t depend upon them completely, you want to check whether they’re following the rules and guidelines.

Take some precautions, follow the protection guidelines, and the bounce houses may be fun for your children.