Top 3 Industrial Gearbox Issues That Affect Your Operations

The industrial gearbox has a very tough job. It had to work in every situation like intensive pressure, temperature, and worst conditions. That’s why it needs more care to work correctly, but people premise and ignore it because of its strength.

And forget that a minimal issue in the gearbox can be very destructive. If you ever notice some weird noise or some temperature issue. There is some fault in the gearbox. And it needs to be repaired. Here I am going to discuss the top 3 industrial gearbox issues.

  • Misalignment:

 Misalignment is one of the prevalent issues in the gearbox. There is some intimation of misalignment in which thermal expansion, wrong accession, inappropriate set up, and some industries use faulty gearbox for their work.

  • Lubrication Issues

Lubrication is essential for the gearbox. If there is no proper check and balance on lubricating, it can be perilous for the industry. The gearbox is depending on lubricant because it is working at very high speed and intense pressure. That’s why it needs correct lubrication. There are 90% cases of gearbox failure is due to lack of lubrication. Even a very tiny leak of lubricant makes a huge misshape in the industry.

  • Bearing problems

Approximately half of the reason behind the gearbox’s failure is bearing because it is susceptible it can easily damage because of shock, debris, misalignment, vibration, and contaminants’. For example, if Contaminants collect in the bottom of the gearbox, wearing out lower bearings, creates a problem in bearings. Same as if gearbox alignment is incorrect vertical gearbox use horizontally also damage bearing.

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