Industrial Design Studios and Design Research Firms – What’s the difference? 

Digitalisation and technological advancements have revamped the processes of industrial design studios and design research firms into a modernised one. For those exploring the world of design, ‘industrial design studios’ and ‘design research firms’ might sound alike. However, their roles and objectives are completely different. 

What is an Industrial Design Studio?

Industrial design is the creative art of forming a product based on market analysis and defining the product’s form and specularities. It is the strategic problem-solving process, where the end goal is to improve the quality of living and user experiences through better products and services. 

The objective of industrial design is to identify any market opportunity and modify its products and services or innovate a new product –  whatever best fits the mass production. 

At an industrial design studio like the Future Factory, each product is carefully categorised by the research and history of the products. After an in-depth study, the industrial designers are expected to come up with creative ideas, pitch those ideas and ultimately tweak the ideas based on criticisms and market trends. 

Benefits of Industrial Design Studios

An industrial design studio that builds business success and upscales design innovation, helps in bridging the gap between reality and what is possible. 

Here are a few benefits that industrial design studios offer to the company and users : 

  • Increases company value – By promoting substantial product innovation, the purchasing ability of the product rises and also generates high employment opportunities. 
  • Increases emotional connection – By creating a visually appealing product, and optimising all aspects of functionalities and form, the industrial design studios aim to create the best possible user experience for the customers. 
  • Builds corporate identity – Through industrial designs, the design language of the company is identified. It cumulates a perfect blend of market trends, customer preferences, and near-future needs. 

What is a Design Research Firm? 

Design research is a customer-focused approach wherein the company identifies : 

  • Who are your customers 
  • What are the existing problems faced by them
  • How will they get maximum satisfaction by using the product 

At design research firms, the designers put their theoretical knowledge and practical experience into action and collaboratively develop unique product ideas based on market research. 

Source: Pexels

Benefits of Design Research Firms 

Design research firms rely on qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide better and more satisfying products. These methods help the designer understand the product requirements as well as the minor details about the customer’s needs. 

Here are a few ways in which design research firms can help designers as well as the company :

  • Get a more significant bottom line for less money – Along with user experiences, achieving business goals is also equally important. While research might make a hole in your pocket, the value it yields is multifold. Through research 
  • Attracting a new audience – If you want to attract new customers and delve into new geographies, design research can prove to be an insightful tool. This will help you to create effective strategies, and at the same time ensure that your products are succeeding. 
  • Understanding a product’s end-to-end lifecycle – Every single phase of the product’s lifecycle can be well understood and benefit from studying and researching the market’s opportunities. To keep the products above par, it is crucial to address challenges in this revolutionary market through adequate design research. 

At a leading company like the Future Factory, designers pay utmost attention to minor details and deliver aesthetically appealing products and services. 


It might sound unbelievable, but yes, a single company like the Future Factory acts as an industrial design studio as well as a design research firm. With the support of a huge, efficient team, they not only curate some out-of-the-box products but also provide design expertise. 

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