Industrial Air Conditioning, which choice to choose?

Any good employer wishing to offer good working conditions to his employees must consider installing industrial air conditioning in his company.

Working at the correct temperature has been scientifically proven to maintain constant brain activity and thus allow your staff to work in optimum conditions.

By pampering your employees, you will notice that they will be more inclined to give the best of themselves and thus avoid the endless “I’m hot”, “it’s too hot to work”.


Of course, the air conditioning of an industrial building constitutes a certain cost but it is a safe bet that in the long term, all this will also benefit your company.


The different Industrial Air Conditioning

It is not easy to choose from this vast market and we will show you the different possibilities available to you.


Among industrial air conditioners, we find the essential Monobloc system, very practical for air conditioning small spaces at a lower cost and available in 2 models (mobile with wheels and built-in). It is generally used only as an office air conditioner.


Then, of course, there are split air conditioners which moreover correspond much better to industrial use because they are more suitable for cooling large spaces.

These models can be:

  •       Industrial Mobile Air Conditioner: they can only be used temporarily because they are particularly noisy.
  •       Duct able Industrial Air Conditioner: your company must be fitted with false ceilings because a network of ducts connects the various ventilation units.
  •       Industrial console air conditioning: this system has the particularity of being completely or partially integrated and offers the possibility of having better performance because it exists in a double-flow version.
  •       Industrial air conditioning with cassette: it is generally installed on the ceiling and allows air conditioning of large areas thanks in particular to the number of vents on the same device which can go up to 4, thus offering air conditioning in 4 different directions.
  •       Clim Industrially Murale: the installation is carried out as its name suggests on a wall and it has the advantage of being silent. It is an ideal solution for rooms requiring peace and quiet.

With regard to brands of industrial air conditioners, we find among the most famous groups, companies like CIAT or CVI.


Air conditioning in industrial buildings improves productivity and reduces worker absenteeism caused by heat stress. Due to the large dimensions, the air conditioning of industrial warehouses by means of air conditioning is impossible, both for its high economic cost and for the excessive consumption of energy.


In this context, a solution is needed to find an economical solution for the air conditioning of industrial sheds, with sustainable energy consumption, allowing to cool industrial sheds intelligently, which improves the working conditions of workers, increases their productivity. And reduce or eliminate the accident rate.


This also solves the problem of the accumulation of dust, bad odors, and smoke generated by different production processes, since the air is constantly renewed and it is expelled to the outside to generate it filtered, clean and fresh. In the hangar, keeping all accesses open.


What resources to use?

In terms of resources that can be used for industrial air conditioning, there are also gas or solar air conditioning systems. The first solution draws its energy from natural gas if your company is obviously equipped and the second retrieves the calories thanks to solar panels. The latter, more ecological, may offer the possibility of obtaining financial aid from your region.


It is quite possible to equip your premises with reversible industrial air conditioners or industrial heat pumps, thus offering you freshness and heat in single equipment.

If you just have a one-time need, you can definitely consider renting an industrial air conditioner.


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