Indoor Electric Fireplaces: A ‘Warm’ Choice

We all yearn for that ethereal experience where at the comfort of our bed or sofa, we would possess the power to tune the temperature of our surroundings to our taste, right? Of course, an air conditioner or thermostat will do that without any questions but…what if it was a fireplace? What if, in addition to adjusting the degree of hotness or coldness in a room, we could also experience that superior feeling of affecting the flickering flames? You may even call it your second superpower. How cool is that?

The indoor electric fireplaces are a must-get item this winter as it performs all those and more. The sheer ingenuity of this device is simply amazing and quite difficult to put one’s head around. “But…how can I get it?. The price of most is on the high side and during this winter season, they might have even skyrocketed again” You think? Then prepare to be taken aback by what you’re about to come across. As we all detest fake promises, let’s dive right in.

This might be the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. The moment where we make one of the most important decisions of our lives (…quite literally…). If we’ve been looking to become a proud owner of one of these ‘babies’, a likely possibility of that just reared its head out. But…the catch? It’s only for a brief period. And yes, you got me. It’s a website. But before you cringe your face and exit the page, imagine one of those new-fangled indoor electric fireplaces in your living room and if you still wanna go, you’re free…

You see? You’re still here. That goes on to buttress how much you love to have those cutting-edge technologies sitting in your homes. And you’re not to be blamed. I mean, who doesn’t? As I hate delivering the ‘bombshells’ early, let’s have a glimpse at what you’ll find there, shall we?

Indoor electric fireplace: #1

The 28.5-inch Electric Mounted Standing fireplace heater is ideal as it warms up and adds a beautiful look to your home also. It brings with it three different color choices (orange/blue/orange & blue mix) in addition to five brightness options. Without saying too much, let’s see what Rebecca had to say about this, “Its beautiful!

We love the fire! It looks so real! It was not too hard to put together. We turn the fire on in the evening and the heater on in the mornings. It puts out a lot of heat!”

Getbent also had a few comments on this, “Just what we needed in our travel trailer

I purchased this to fit in cabinet space in our travel trailer in March, 2021. It fit as the measurements were correct, and I just added some trim pieces to make it look factory installed. We just returned from two months of camping, and many nights were near or just below freezing. Using only this fireplace after setting the thermostat, it would keep our 26 foot trailer near 70 all night. The lights are adjustable to a low setting, so they were not bright at night. It still works after 4K miles of bouncing down roads. We really like it!”.

Indoor electric fireplace: #2 

The 36 Inch Electric Wall Mounted Ultrathin Fireplace is a heater and decoration all in one. It has two installation methods which are either through wall-mounted or by insertion. It also has nine flame colors to choose from. The superb black glass fireplace also comes with a timer which better annunciates the ideal touch to your home. 

Comments? Here’s one from Brittany, “Great electric fireplace! We love it.

Very easy to install. The flame is nice, lots of color options. Kids like to change it. I prefer the orange. Comes with everything you need to install. We built out a black Shiplap fireplace ourselves and the. Added this insert to it. It did a lot for the space! …Overall however- we are very pleased with this insert!”. Gaffin also, didn’t miss an opportunity to voice his thoughts, “Perfect!

I am OBSESSED with this, and we haven’t even gotten it fully installed yet. We are installing this more for the aesthetics. I cannot wait to get our wall built so we can install it. Will upload updated photos then!”.

Indoor electric fireplace: #3

The 18-Inch Electric Fireplace freestanding wall-mounted heater is one of a kind with its adjustable LED flame. When charged fully with electricity, it will display a realistic fire experience. Amazing right? Not only can you change the settings from the comfort of your bed or sofa through remote control, but you can also keep it below your TV stand and not worry about crap like heat transfer or anything. Here’s 

Michelle’s opinion “Exactly what I wanted 

My grandson got a beautiful console with a fake fireplace with heat. Then my daughter got a TV stand with the same. Well, I have a very heavy analog TV which won’t fit on a TV stand. So, I cleared out one side of my entertainment center & popped this free standing fireplace into the open space. Fits perfectly [took measurements first]. The remote controls 3 levels of brightness for the flames. Only 1 setting for the heat [which I may not even use]. This morning it was snowing & I had the fireplace on, my Christmas tree lit, & frasier fir candle melts scenting my home. Felt like Christmas. Lovely. I encourage anyone who may be hesitant, to buy this product. Fast delivery”. 

Nancy, after buying this product decided to share how she felt,“ Beautiful piece

This is a beautiful piece. Arrived on time and very well packaged to prevent damage. The fireplace function looks actually more elegant than the picture shown on the website. It was easy to put together and very sturdy. Couldn’t have picked anything more perfect.”

Still skeptical? Being a doubting Thomas myself, believe when I say I understand. But…as they say, there’s no harm in trying, right? And, looking at the testimonials above from ‘once upon a time’ disbelieving folks, I don’t see why not. The indoor electric fireplaces are indeed a ‘warm choice’ this Christmas and winter season. It is left to you to decide whether to take that ‘warm’ step…or remain cold throughout this period. And… all you need to do is a quick click on

PS: Did I forget to add that they’re giving ridiculous discounts?


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