Indoor Advertising with LED Displays

For ensuring the success of a business, it is crucial to advertise the products or services in an effective way to reach the maximum audience. Creating brand awareness is the most important factor for a business to be successful. When it comes to marketing, many people choose print media, electronic media, and digital platforms for interacting with customers. Many marketers choose digital billboards outside their business for engaging with clients. Advertising through outdoor displays has been very effective in recent years. In this scenario, LED displays have played an important role to advertise products or services with colorful and attractive displays.

Marketers use both indoor and outdoor advertisements. For indoor advertisement, the indoor LED screens have been very useful in improving a business marketing plan. If you are looking for a trusted brand for buying indoor LED displays, Bebright is the best place for you. The indoor LED screens of Be Bright have created a new advancement in the field of LEDs. The products are highly well-managed and well-manufactured to improve the experience of the audience.

How to buy BeBright displays

It is necessary to know different factors before buying an indoor LED screen for advertisement from BeBright. The professional workers of Be Bright are offering a short guide to buy an indoor LED screen. It will help pick up an efficient LED screen that is useful for the marketing of your business. Moreover, it will save you from wasting your time and money.


If you are confused about where to place the indoor LED screens, ask the professional workers at BeBright. For adjusting the placing spot for an indoor LED screen, you can keep in mind the following places:

  1. Close to cash wraps
  2. Behind cash register
  3. Waiting areas
  4. Product aisles

Size of LED displays

Many LED merchants would recommend you the optimal size for an indoor LED screen. The suitable size of an indoor LED screen depends upon the environment in which it has to be displayed. It also depends on the distance between the viewers and the screen. If you are using a small screen, the pixel quality should be higher to increase the resolution. It will be helpful for people to view the display with greater efficiency from a distance. For a large screen, it is easy to adjust the pixel pitch according to the distance difference. 

Display Resolution

A small pixel pitch is handy in increasing the resolution of an LED screen. For displaying an LED screen to a large audience, the pixel pitch should be smaller. It should also be proportional to the speed with which the advertisement changes. 

Display Height

The best criteria to determine the height of an LED screen is to make sure that it is visible to your target audience. In a market or superstore, a larger LED screen affixed at a high place will be recommended. You can choose to advertise your business at the upper case of stairs, on the walls, or outside your shop. The professional workers should place LED screens at a suitable height according to acceptable visual impact. For creating a better impression, a viewer should be able to see the advertisement from all angles. 

Display Distance

The distance between the LED screen and the audience should be convenient. The audience should be able to view the advertisement from a distance without affecting the quality of the image. For creating such an effect, the pixel pitch and the space must be inversely proportional to each other. 

Display Design

Colors are the primary factors to match your brand with the advertisement screen. The colors used in LED screens must be according to your products and services. They should match your brand and create an aura for the audience to shop. You should not use too many dark colors or too many light colors. You should use colors that can attract the attention of the customers.

The text content should be small and thorough. You should not clutter words in a small space. It would affect the impression on the audience, and they may not want to read it. For gaining attention, the content used should be small. You can use some of the images of your products in the advertisement to make them impressive and guaranteed.

Mostly, the Indoor LED Screens are 7-10 feet away from the audience. For this distance, 20-30 font size is beneficial. It would not make the text too small to be viewed, or too big to be not impressive.

Custom-Shaped LED Screens

Be Bright is offering custom-shaped LED Screens that can fit your requirements of advertising a product. At Be Bright, you can adjust the pixel pitch of your preference and the size of the LED screen. Not only it helps attract the right audience, but also to creates an impressive view to the clients.