India’s Best Online Payment Gateway Service Provider With Lowest Transaction Fees – PayKun

Proving all the presumptions wrong that anything cheap comes with low quality or poor service provider, PayKun has taken the top position among India’s Payment Gateways list. A Large Number of merchants are satisfied with its services and claims to be the best payment gateway in India. Various huge traders and services providers, large sellers, small startups, YouTubers, Bloggers, each and every type of business has been happily using its services and the numbers are just increasing.

PayKun can be used with or without a website, that is, the merchant can integrate PayKun to his website or if he does not have a website, it can be used in the form of its payment links. PayKun is Free Payment Gateway and also easy, fast and most reliable one.

It can be better explained with the help of below-given characteristics that PayKun possesses:

          •        Cheapest Payment Gateway

PayKun does not charge any setup, maintenance, integration fees. Also, integrity is what they believe in so there are zero hidden charges too.

There is only a per-transaction fee charged and which is the lowest in the market. PayKun has just a Merchant Discount Rate of flat 1.75% for all the services that it provides. It is the cheapest payment gateway providing the best payment gateway services in the market.

          •        Multiple Payment Options

The digital revolution has given birth to so many online payment options. If you have an online eCommerce business or an online website or an offline business and willing to collect online payments, then the customers may demand any online payment option that they prefer to use. There are chances of the customer drop if they do not get what they require to pay.

Thus, it is always better if you have all the possible payment option that the customer might demand and are in trend. This is one of the purposes to use a Payment Gateway, and that is to provide multiple payment options at one place in one checkout.

PayKun provides 120+ payment options including Debit cards. Credit cards, wallets, UPI, QR code, Net Banking, etc.

          •        Secured and Reliable

It is essential that your funds and sensitive data are safe and not reachable to the hackers and the fraudsters. The organizations and the sellers who accept, store, process, and transmit the sensitive cardholder data needs to follow the compliance requirements of PCI DSS. PayKun follows the highest level of standards PCI DSS Level 1.

Also, it is vital that the data passed is in an encrypted manner so PayKun follows AES 256 Bit Encryptions Standards which means the data is non-hackable. Also, the connection between the site and the server is totally secured with the SSL Certification.

          •        Smart Merchant Dashboard

When you are accepting online payments, the added advantage is that it is digital and the records are computerised too. With PayKun Payment Gateway you get a Merchant Dashboard with smart features and functions.

It includes the graphical representation and analytics of the transactions, transaction types, payment methods used, etc.

Refund Management, Transaction details, Settlement Details, Customer Data, etc are to be operated from here. Further, it also gives access to the test mode and provides API Encryption Key for the easy integration process.

Settings for alerts and other account settings can be accessed from the dashboard and change the UI of the checkout and customise it. Also, it provides the option to contact the PayKun Support Team directly from the dashboard.

          •        PayKun Customer Support

You may have many queries, confusions and issues for which you would require assistance, especially when it is something related to the money.

Right from when you decide to get a payment gateway, sign up, want to use the test mode, register, get activated, initiate the transactions and throughout, there might be something or the other for which you need to contact the relevant person.

The query can be technical, accounts related, general, etc. Considering its importance, PayKun has all types of support services through call, chat and emails. Its competent team would provide you with a definite robust solution to any help you need related to the PayKun.

          •        Easy Integration

It supports websites as well as applications and also provides ready Plugins and SDKs for all the major available platforms to enable easy and fast integration.

You may get seamless integration to PHP, Magento, Android, iOS, WordPress, Ruby, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, WHMCS, Prestashop, Opencart, etc. and also get free integration assistance from the PayKun Technical Team.

So, there is no requirement of having technical knowledge from your side.

          •        Highest Successful Transaction Rate

Getting failed transactions, again and again, is quite annoying for the customers. PayKun has the highest successful transaction rate of 95 % in the market.

          •        Website Not Compulsory

PayKun can be integrated into the website and application but if you do not have any of that you can still use PayKun with its Payment Links and Master Links.

These are to be copied from the merchant dashboard and pasted anywhere possible from where you can send to your customer to collect the online payments.

In the master links, the customers can even enter the amount and other details from their side unlike the payment links in which the merchant generates a prefilled amount payment link.

So, get registered now to collect online payments at the most cost-effective rates.

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