Indian startup job portal KillerLaunch is all set to launch its mobile app

Takeaway: KillerLaunch, a leading startup job search portal and internship search portal, helps freshers and students who have just graduated from college in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic find great job opportunities to get their work started.

Our country is going through a difficult phase, economically, socially, and politically. While government agencies work to achieve individual goals, one company helps build the nation’s economy by providing fresh first-year college students amid the epidemic with good job opportunities to start their careers.

KillerLaunch, a leading job search and internship platform has focused on providing refreshing job opportunities and apprenticeships, as the epidemic has led to massive job losses. As a fresher person at KillerLaunch, you can find great job opportunities and training to help give your career a killer presentation.

KillerLaunch is all set to launch its mobile app.

Taking care of the increased demand for KillerLaunch’s popularity and ease of its users, KillerLaunch will launch a brand new mobile app!

KillerLaunch mobile app will be a great comfort for those who want to search for startup jobs or internships by just using their phones. The app will help the job searchers and the employers post jobs or internships to post it from anywhere.

For many inexperienced students graduating from college this year, finding the right opportunities to accelerate their careers has been a major challenge with the country’s growing unemployment rate. KillerLaunch allows returnees and students to get their first job or internship, giving their career the start it deserved.

KillerLaunch is one of the few job sites that offer its users’ job and training opportunities, providing a great online employment experience. The platform has sections dedicated to internship and job opportunities, and the user can easily choose according to his or her preference for the job with a click. 

Now with the new app, finding a job will be much easier. 

Whether you are traveling or somewhere else, use the app, and apply to any job/internship in a fraction of seconds.

Fresher is the college students who have just graduated or graduated some time back and hold zero in some knowledge accordingly. Often, refreshers rely on their college placement cells to find jobs, but they have struggled to find decent job opportunities because of the epidemic.

KillerLaunch aims to help freshers find the right job/internship, according to their preferences, as easily and simply as possible.

India’s demand for startups.

In the past few years, India has undergone a movement of some sort, in which young, highly skilled, and driven young people take on the challenge of entrepreneurship. 1,200 new launches were launched in 2018 – the highest number per year in India’s launch history. This increase is due to government-sponsored policies and the availability of financial assistance from funding agencies, both public and private.

India’s population is estimated at 1.37 billion, and in the coming years, India will predict that it will pass. China is the most populous country in the world. Population growth has led to difficulties in providing services to citizens. According to reports, the number of job seekers is expected to grow by 28.6 million by 2020.