India Electronic Visa Requirements for Swedish Citizens


I have an Italian identification, do I really want a visa to visit India? Indeed, all Italian guests are expected to apply for an India Tourist e-Visa. You can actually look at prerequisites here. This essentially implies that you don’t need to go to an Embassy, you simply need to finish this cycle on the Internet.

Indian Visa from Italy can be applied on the web

The Indian Visa for Italian Citizens identification holders has been accessible as an online application structure starting around 2014 from the Indian Government. This visa to India permits explorers from Italy and different nations to visit India for momentary stays. These transient stays range between 30, 90, and 180 days for each visit dependent upon the justification for the visit. There are 5 significant classifications of electronic India Visa (India eVisa) accessible to residents of Italy. The classifications accessible to Italian residents for visit to India under the electronic India Visa or eVisa India guidelines are for Tourist purposes, Business Visits or Medical visits (both as a Patient or as a clinical subject matter expert/chaperon to the Patient) to visit India.

Italian residents who are visiting India for entertainment/touring/meeting companions/family members/transient yoga program/momentary courses under a half year in span can now apply for an electronic India Visa for Touristic purposes otherwise called eTourist Visa with either multi month (twofold passage), 1 year or 5 years of legitimacy (different sections into India under 2 term of visa).

Indian Visa from Italy can be applied web-based on this site and can get the eVisa to India by Email. The interaction is incredibly rearranged for the Italian residents. The main necessity is to have an Email Id, a Credit/Debit card in 1 of the 133 monetary forms or Paypal. The electronic Indian Visa (India eVisa) is an authority archive that grants section into and travel inside India.

Indian Visa for Italian residents will be emailed, after they have finished the web-based application structure with the fundamental data and when the internet based Mastercard installment has been checked.

Italian residents will be sent a solid connect to their email address for any reports expected for Indian Visa to help their application, for example, photos of face or identification bio information page, these can up either be transferred on this site or messaged back to the Customer Support group’s email address.

What are the necessities to get Indian Visa from Sweden?

The prerequisite for Swedish residents is to have the accompanying prepared for India eVisa:

  1. Email Id
  2. Credit/Debit Card or Paypal Account
  3. Ordinary Passport that is legitimate for quite some time

What amount of time does it require for Swedish residents to finish up a web-based structure?

The Indian Visa for Sweden Citizens can be finished in matter of a few moments through a web-based structure. When the installment has been made, extra subtleties that are mentioned relying upon the kind of Visa can be given by email or transferred later additionally require between 2-3 minutes to finish.

How before long could Swedish residents at any point hope to get an electronic Indian Visa (eVisa India)

Indian Visa from Sweden is accessible within 3-4 work days at the earliest. In unambiguous cases rush dealing with can be attempted. It is prescribed to apply for India Visa no less than 4 days ahead of your movement.


When the electronic India Visa (eVisa India) has been conveyed by email, it tends to be saved money on your telephone or imprinted on paper and conveyed face to face to the air terminal. There is a compelling reason need to visit the government office or the Indian department.


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