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AI Assistant OTO The number one tool you need for turning leads into customers is a marketing funnel. AI Assistant OTO We’re here to show you how to utilize one. If you’re familiar with Vismy’s Channel, then you’ve seen me a time or two. AI Assistant OTO My name is Mike Plageger, and in this video AI Assistant OTO we’re discussing what you need to know about marketing funnels. Whether you’re a startup or a major corporation, a business’s primary focus is turning leads into customers. Yet often they’re left questioning the best methods to get that input. AI Assistant OTO Those questions go into a marketing funnel, and out comes the answer.

That’s what every business wants. A marketing funnel is a visualization of the path that your customers are taking from initial interest all the way to making a purchase. It’s not as simple as seeing an ad and immediately buying; there are other influences that should be considered, and understanding these factors You can enhance your marketing strategies, AI Assistant OTO so you’re not wasting any money on unnecessary marketing. To give you a little sneak peek, the four stages of the most common marketing funnel are awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion. We’re going to hop deeper into these stages in just a minute, and while we’re using this funnel example for our video today, not our marketing funnels Are the same?

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Let me answer that for you: if you spend time building your marketing funnel now, you’ll save so much time later. It’ll help you streamline your marketing plan so you can achieve faster results. Consider your lead-generation plan. Converting leads is hard enough as it is, so you must generate as many leads as you possibly can. If you want to improve your business, this may start with a social media post, a postcard, or a targeted ad; you’re in the awareness stage, but then you must nurture those leads. A marketing funnel helps you do that continuously, creating value over time.

Also help you understand your clientele and, more specifically, their pain points. Why might they take action with your business? Is it because competing businesses are more costly? Do you provide a service and can save someone time? What problems do they have that you have the solution to? A funnel will remind you to answer that in your marketing repeatedly. Another reason to create a funnel is that it’ll provide clarity on what marketing assets to use throughout your lead nurturing. While a social media ad is perfect for awareness, it doesn’t have the same effect for someone who’s deeper into the funnel. That’s when you may need a blog post or a consultation, and then the last thing a buyer may be thinking about before a purchase isAre the reviews making sure you’re getting testimonials from past clients?

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AI Assistant OTOs Linka  Your marketing process will be sped up. You can be more personalized in your approach. You can build better relationships. It all leads to an increase in revenue that you don’t want to ignore without further ado. In the four stages that I mentioned earlier, you want someone to jump into the top of your theoretical funnel and not leave until they’re loyal to your business. Let’s hop in ourselves. [, Music,] The topmost layer of the funnel is awareness. Your potential customers know what they want now. They just need to find you a better way to look at these people, which isn’t as customers just yet but really as prospects, because they’re not even necessarily committed to buying just yet. As you start to consider what marketing tactics you want to use to raise awareness, At this stage, you need to fully understand your prospects. To do that, you can interview existing customers or provide them with a survey. You can talk to your sales team, assuming you have one to learn from. What profiles are most often converting, and if you are on your own and don’t have a sales team, then you should already have an idea of that. Once you have an understanding of who’s looking for your business, you must position your brand in the right places for them to see it, use ads to introduce your brand, and emphasize the value you create. Alongside these ads, provide a link or a QR code for viewers to continue down the funnel, to learn more, and put these ads where your prospects are. If you’re after the younger crowd, talk would probably be a good option, or maybe you’re looking to help the elderly, in which case postcards might be best in the awareness phase. You’re aiming to inform, educate, and provide value.

AI Assistant OTO AIUpsell It doesn’t get any easier. Two brings up the middle of the funnel’s interest. Consumers are past simply knowing about you and are starting to research. There’s more information today than there has ever been in the world before, and as more and more people start to do, Research before buying; their searches are becoming more and more refined, so rather than somebody searching for, say, how to manage projects, People are now searching for how to create project workflows using project management software. Because of this, your contents should dig deeper, create videos like we’re doing right now that offer value and self-pain points, share statistics and useful information, and provide guides that simplify processes. Heck.

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Bonus graphics are slim, but again, they’re easily editable to suit your needs. [, Music,] joining interest in the middle of the funnel is consideration. Your prospects have officially turned into qualified leads; they’re still evaluating their options, but they’re moments away from making a decision and finally purchasing something. A hungry individual has chosen a restaurant, and now they’re exploring the pricing and the menu. AI Assistant OTO Bonuses   If our example were a little bit more complex, the consumer could also be considering features, support, ease of use, and a value proposition.

Well, one way is with more content—helpful, informative, and entertaining content paired with lead magnets. What makes you stand out? Send that out. Do you have unique offers or discounts? Send that out, have any frequently asked questions you receive answered, and provide those answers up front. Offer free advice, money-back guarantees, video tutorials, giveaways, sweepstakes, you name it. You’re  looking for small things that might push a lead over. The hill and into a consumer pair these things with lead magnets that will make the lead provide their information. You’ll see these on websites. When companies ask for your information before you can access their material like this, a guide that answers a question on writing emails by providing your email, you have the solution to your pain. Points like testimonials and reviews are again a key point here to reach out to previous customers and ask them to leave reviews on Google or review platforms like Trust, Radius, and TrustPilot.

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Nothing proves trust more than other individuals, just like those who have already purchased your product or service and approve of it. You’re nearly at the bottom of the funnel; you’ve filtered out those that aren’t buying your product and you’ve reached the ones that are; however, there’s still work to do to firmly convert that lead. One thing you may want to do is customize your assets around that individual. If you’re pitching something, provide material that has their name on it. If you’re into flipping houses, for example, you’d provide material with the dimensions of their home. You can offer more specific discounts but remind the consumer that the deal isn’t Everlasting in tactics sometimes used here is cross-selling. They’ve decided on one product, so you create value by enticing them with something else that pairs well with that product. Think of a sound bar with that brand new big screen. Just be careful to know when it’s a good time to push it, and when is it? Nonetheless, congratulations on the client! Sign the papers, swipe the credit card, do whatever is needed to make the sale, and then smile, do a little internal dance, and move on to the optional final phase: [Music] Although your customers have now made it through the entire funnel, there’s one more option: customer retention and loyalty statistics show that the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more costly than retaining existing customers.

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Product Overview  Personable. Thank you. Emails, entire email campaigns, loyalty programs that provide discounts, free delivery, or even free items once customers have earned enough points are great ideas that you can continue to share when you have new product releases. As seen here with this graphic, if you have new useful information that has been released or recent customer or brand success stories, just find a way to stay in touch, but again, make sure you’re doing so by still providing value.

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