Increase the Value of your home

When looking to increase the value of your home there is some improvement that you can make. These big and small improvements will allow you to see an increase in the value of your home.

Additional Bathroom

This is one of the best improvements that you can make. People want a one-to-one ratio between bedrooms and bathrooms. Bathrooms are functional. There are even spaces in the home to put a hidden bathroom.

Closet space can be used to put in a half bath and increase the value of the home.


Adding some modern touches to the bedrooms will also increase the value. Giving the room a fresh coat of paint, updating the lighting, and adding modern fans are easy places to add some value to the home.


Most people like tile. It is easy to take care of. Updating the tile will make the home look great. The bathroom is a good place to start with a tile floor.

Change the Flooring

Some homes may have a hidden hardwood floor under the carpet. Hardwood and tile will give the home a new look and it will increase the value. These floors are easy to clean and they do not trap dirt or dust. This is great for people that have allergies.


When people are looking to buy a home they want something modern. New elements and designs will make the home look cook. An antique barn door can be used in place or a plain closet door. Lighting fixtures can also be updated to give the home a modern feel. Most of these home improvements can be done by the homeowner and will not cost a lot to do.

Floor Plans

Potential buyers are going to want to see the floor plan. They like open concepts. They want a kitchen that is spacious and even want the kitchen to lead into a family area. This can be done by taking down a wall or two depending on the structure of the home. In this case, a professional contractor may need to be called in.

Update the Shower

People are looking for showers that will give them a spa experience. Many people are looking for smaller tubs with a larger area for showing.

Entertainment Rooms

People want to have gatherings at their homes. They want room for a book club meeting, a game night, or even a wine tasting event. The basement or even the living room can become the ideal place. Adding a TV and a bar area will make the home more appealing. Having a room for entertaining will add value to the home. The room can be used by children or by adults for fun without having to mess up the rest of the home.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor living spaces are very popular. This is something that a buyer is going to be looking for. Cooking outdoors without having to go in and out is something that is desired. The outdoor cooking space should have a grill, mini bar and refrigerator, and a space for storing utensils. This will add a lot of value to the home.

Energy Efficient

When looking to increase the value of your home you should make sure things are energy efficient. This will immediately make your home worth more money. You want to change all of the lightbulbs to CFLs, get low energy appliance, changes all the faucets including the shower too low slow, change old windows for energy-efficient ones, and use spigot water so plastic bottles are no longer needed. You can also get a thermostat that can be controlled with a smartphone so the temperature can be adjusted during the day.

Smart Home

Some tech items are desired in the home. Lighting, camera, video, smart heating and cooling, and a security system will give the home a modern feel.


If the roof has not been replaced in the past 20 years it is time to replace it. Even if there are no issues homeowners want a new roof. There are different roofing options such as metal roofs which can be cooler than traditional shingles.

Curb Appeal

Homebuyers will go right past a home that is not attractive or well kept. Fix anything in need of repair, power washes the home, and plant some flours. This can make the home welcoming and attractive.

Front Door

A fresh coat of paint on the front door can give the home a great new look. Homes with red, yellow, or blue doors are very popular. If the door is painted in a navy, dark gray, or charcoal color it will boost the value of the home potentially.

Window Shades

Motorized window shades are very popular. It is easy to adjust the windows are they are cordless making it safer for children. Blackout shades are popular in the bedroom and are easy to install.

Kitchen Countertops

Granite and quartz countertops are sure to impress. Under the cabinet lighting is also something desired.

Modern Colors

Neutral colors such as gray will allow you to get more money for your home. There are some colors such as pink, yellow, and green that are dated. Adding some fresh paint can do a lot to increase the value of the home. Consulting with a local painter could be helpful.


Homeowners want something to make their homes stand out. Having a focal wall will do this. Even some printed wallpaper will change the look of the home.


A designer driveway is something desired. Stamped pavement will make the home look great. If the driveway is designed properly it will even make the home look bigger.

Covered Terrace

Most people like to sit outdoors but if it is too hot or raining they run right back inside. Having a covered terrace will expand the appeal of the home. Adding elasticity, patio heaters, and a bar area will be even more appealing. This will add some extra living space to the home too.


A fireplace will make the home feel cozy. People that have a fireplace were able to sell the home for 10 percent more than people that did not have a fireplace. Even a wall-mounted unit will increase the value of the home.