How To Increase Computer RAM Memory Simply

Today we show you a very simple system to increase the RAM of your computer on Windows operating systems. This is a feature present since Windows 7 but not everyone knows about it.

Over time our computers tend to age before we realize it. However, as we have often seen in our articles dedicated to PC maintenance , with a few tricks and patience we can make sure to keep them in shape and continue to use them for years.


Computer RAM is the memory that allows us to perform operations smoothly. So the more memory we have, the more things we can do without slowing down. Normally, to increase this memory, you act at the hardware level, physically going to replace or add new memory modules.

With the system that we show you, instead, it will be sufficient to use a normal USB stick. The only trick is that this is greater than 1 Gb of capacity.

Let’s see how :

We insert the stick into one of the USB ports on the computer

For convenience we close the Autoplay window (on some systems this function may be disabled)

We go to “computer” (we find it from the start menu or by typing “Computer” in the search box)

Right click on the volume of the stick and choose “Properties”

In the window that will open we choose “Readyboost”

Now based on the capacity of the key we can choose whether to dedicate it completely to this function or only a part. Then check the box that interests us and choose the amount of memory (the maximum is 4 GB)

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Click on “Apply” and wait for the process to end.

From now on this key will have memorized this function. So a part of it (or all, depending on our choice) will no longer be usable for data storage, even if you unplug it and reuse it later. However, if it serves us again as a normal USB stick, you can deactivate the function by  following the same steps but choosing this time “Do not use the device”. The partition dedicated to additional RAM will be deleted and we will be able to use the key normally.

This system will certainly not take off performance but surely those who normally only have 1 or 2 GB of RAM will notice improvements and a smoother and faster system, especially during daily operations such as navigation.

We hope that this short guide can help you and as always we invite you to leave us a comment for clarifications and opinions. For other articles on how to keep our computer in shape you can take a look at our other guides that you find here: PC maintenance .


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