Incorporating AR and VR features in Web Designing for Enticing Visitors to No End

AR and VR features

The face of web designing has been changing rapidly over the last few years. With the advent of AR and VR features on the website, there will be renewed interest from the website designers to offer great new features. In the current year, Facebook will come up with its own brand of smart glasses. They will be unlike Google glasses with screens on the glass. But will eventually be connected with the internet to offer a great new vista for all their website visitors around the world.

As a result of the above-mentioned new technologies, web designing will also change for the better and offer great new techniques for everyone to benefit. Things can start to take shape after a few months, and by the end of this year or next year, this can become a really hot trend that everyone will be following. But for the time being, not many people are aware of this, so I would like to shed some light on this aspect.

Starting a New Venture with Technology Helping you Out

Dubai is the place to be if you want to start a new venture in the Middle East. Never underestimate the power of new technology. But it is the usage that must work well for you. Otherwise, adapting to a new and complex technology that will also cost you a fortune is of no use. That’s why you need to understand exactly what this technology can and exactly what you need to succeed in your business endeavors.

Incorporating AR and VR features in a website is no child’s play. There are certainly many factors that can affect visitors when they login to such a website because for them too; it is not something very easy. Through the help of virtual reality, businesses can make their websites look alluring and can offer a great experience that is highly immersive and engaging.

Let me offer you an example to understand my viewpoint and how this technology can shape the future.

How Can Companies Leverage the Use of New Technology in Web Design? 

According to the World Bank’s latest estimates, 1.8 billion people have no legal form of identity. And that’s the reason why such a huge population around the world is in danger of being exploited and confined. In 2021, individuals will gain the opportunity to have their own servers and store data on them. And they can control their online identities through it; what about that about the individuals I have mentioned above, and their identities can be exploited. 

When you think of web design, several things can be incorporated to make a website look the part can be incorporated. Identification, authentication, and authorization can make a website engage their visitors interested in buying a product from them. They can use this technology to enhance their web design and give their users a new dimension and options for interacting with them. 

Authentication is all about giving someone access through a User ID and password. The use of VR can let them use their headset, for example, to log in and start having a great new experience on a customized version of the websites. For many years now, e-commerce portals offer this customization to their customers so that they log-in to see their favorite products and offers without searching for them. A new, immersive design will make this more interesting. 


Don’t take the verification aspect mentioned here lightly as for e-commerce businesses and online shopping portals; an issue here can be a nuisance. Unauthorized people getting access to user accounts can result in serious consequences for a company, as the users for that account can ask for damages in case of any serious issue. 

Data breaches online companies have been done in the past, too, with Yahoo! and some accounting firms have faced data breaches of the severe kind. No need to mention how this can hurt the prospects of any business. So if this can be done through VR and using design to facilitate other factors, too, this is a win-win situation for everyone. 

Designing to Succeed 

For the past year, shopping portals and e-commerce websites are doing roaring business, and the trend is likely to continue. And it is not just about the COVID-19 pandemic, as things were heading in this direction where online shopping would have become a norm. The pandemic just accelerated the process, and the technologies and services that would have come after a few years become available in the market within a few months. 

The design of a shopping portal is not just about cool graphics and animation. Online shoppers are very smart now, and no one can just lure them with some pictures and graphics. This may be true for the hip and young teens, but not for the adults. They need an experience that is not only swift but totally secure. The authorization mentioned above through VR and incorporating other aspects like AR in the web design can make an experience that can become addictive, just like a game or movie. 

The glasses by Facebook will boast of AR technology and may rival the VR function that I have talked about until now. Augmented reality works on three basic areas; firstly, it combines real and virtual worlds, secondary real-time interaction, and thirdly, accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects. If businesses can incorporate this in their design, a mesmerizing experience awaits their clients for an intoxicating feel. 

Final Word 

Getting everything done that has been mentioned in this blog is certainly not a cup of tea. It requires immense expertise from the designers. Only a Dubai web design company with highly qualified and experienced designers can pull off this feat. 

If you think that you can add something here that can make this blog more informative or want to share your experience with us, you are welcome. If you want to ask a question, offer any feedback or want to provide feedback, please use the comments section below.