Inbound Call Center Vs Outbound Call Centers ( Customer Dealing)

Call centers are essentially firms that handle either inbound or outbound calls, or both, for specific or multiple organizations. While this concept started back in the 60s’, call centers became widely successful during the 70s and 80s’.

Although the phone isn’t the best communication medium nowadays, call centers still yield high conversion rates. The key factor behind direct human conversation leads to more engaging interaction between the parties.

Today, we’ll learn all there is to know abouthow customer care outsourcing services  assist through both inbound and outbound call centers.

Inbound Call Centers

Inbound call centers specialize in handling incoming phone calls from customers and clients. Incoming calls can be made for various reasons. A customer may want to inquire about an offering, file a complaint, or ask a question relevant to the business.

How customers perceive your business will depend greatly on the quality of your inbound call centers. Customers always call a business with certain expectations in mind. The better you can fulfill those expectations, the more reputation you will gain.

This is why ensuring only the best quality out of your inbound call centers is important.

Outbound Call Centers

While inbound call centers deal mostly with customer queries and reports, outbound call centers are designed to explore new prospects. An organization may set up an outbound call center to gain new customers, conduct surveys, advertise their products or services, notify customers of certain aspects, etc.

One of the main roles of an outbound call center is to focus on increasing conversion rates. While inbound call centers also affect this, their impact is much more passive in comparison.

Outbound calls worked well back in the 80s’, but it’s become increasingly difficult to place outbound calls nowadays due to stricter laws and policies regarding outgoing calls from organizations.

Strategies of Customer Retention Through Call Centers

Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of a business. Studies show that in 2021, 65% of customers of the average business were repeated customers. Also, it was found that increasing only 5% customer retention led to an increase of 25% to 95% profit for a business.

While employees at call centres spend a lot of time getting the attention of new consumers, they can also play a major role in increasing customer retention.  Here are some ways in which call centers help increase retention rates.

Anticipating Demand and Providing Accordingly

One of the key strategies followed by call centers is anticipating what the customer might require at any given moment. Being able to provide the customer with aid on demand can be impressive. Also, there’s no reason for customers to leave if their issues are solved in time.

Reducing the Effort of the Customers

Customers can also benefit from call centers in a myriad of other ways. For example, they can be informed of upcoming appointments or payment deadlines to keep track of things. In such instances, the call center is literally doing everything for the customer, making their lives easier and creating a positive impression of the business.

Customer Feedback

Companies and businesses often ignore customer feedback, but it’s one of the key factors determining whether a business will succeed. Call centers are highly effective in this matter as direct human interaction helps extract more information from the customers through personalized interviews.

This helps acquire extra details that can really help in shaping a business.

Helps Make the Right Offer at the Right Time

Customers are bound to exit the business at one point. The goal of customer retention is to delay that as much as possible while also enticing the customer to make more purchases.

This can be done through quality customer service, and call centers can facilitate that for a very low price. While the call center employees must be highly trained to perform such tasks, it’s not a very complicated or expensive task.

Why Should A Business Outsource Call Centers?

Call centers are a must for any business, but they do require a lot of staff, planning, training, organizing, and funds. And the list doesn’t end here either. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects in which outsourcing a call center can benefit you.

Lowers Operating Costs

The prime reason why most companies choose to outsource call centers is that it saves a lot of costs. Outsourcing a call center reduces the overhead costs for equipment and training and the salary of staff.

Let’s say that you have a business in the US. If you want to have a call center of your own, you’ll have to hire US denizens, who will definitely have a high bar of minimum salary per hour. Instead of doing that, you can choose to outsource a call center from Bangladesh, where the average salary is much lower. So, it’ll be less expensive for you overall.

Lets You Reallocate Time, Space, and Funds

As you won’t have to handle an entire call center, you’ll be able to invest those efforts, space, and funds in other prospects. It saves more resources than you can even imagine.

Every venture has a lot of aspects that often go unnoticed. Let’s say you choose to outsource a call center. You’ll save a ton of time as you won’t have to recruit, train, and organize the employees. You can reallocate the funds you had to spend on the staff on other things to maximize your profit. It’ll also be possible to use that specific office space for other purposes.



You Can Handle Customers 24/7

One of the greatest challenges of in-house call centers is providing service throughout the day. This is easily solved by outsourcing, as most quality outsourcing call center firms offer 24/7 services.

This is also easily possible because of the difference in time zone. Let’s take Bangladesh and USA as examples. Bangladesh is 10 hours ahead of Washington. So, it’s relatively easier for a Bangladeshi call center to provide service throughout the night in Washington, as the staff will essentially work during the daytime.

Flexible Workflow

Outsourced companies provide services when they’re needed, and you don’t have to treat them like full-time employees. So, if you outsource these services, you can call for calling center services only when they’re needed. This will save you a lot of cash as you won’t have to pay for idle employees.

Handle Excessive Pressure

The volume of incoming or outgoing calls tend to fluctuate, and certain time of the year or events may cause them to spike. You can simply transfer some of the workloads to other call centers when it’s tough for one call center to handle all the calls. This is only possible if you’re outsourcing this service.


You now know how outsourcing call center services can help your business. Here at ASL BPO, we offer the very best call center services, both inbound and outbound, and our goal is to help your business meet its goal. So, if you’re planning on gaining the perks mentioned above, why not contact us today to get a free quote?