In the World of Clipping Path Service

Out of all the business process outsourcing available out there, clipping path service probably is the most saturated of all. Just a mere search for the term clipping path service will result in forty-seven million search results. Out of the search results, about 87% are so called clipping path company offering their services to international clients. One thing is interesting that all the so-called companies out there, they all claim to be the best in the industry. All of them are leading clipping path service provider having hundreds of people working for them. Where in reality, most of those so-called leading companies are one man show not having a single client of their own. All they do is just trolling the net searching for other clipping path service providers and ask them for work.

Why the Influx in Clipping Path Industry?

Question is, why the influx? Why there are so many companies offering the same service? There are hundred million other things to do and many of them are lot less competitive. Pursuing those ventures would result in more success in shorter period of time. People who are pursuing less competitive and less saturated industry are being more successful. However, when people see success right in front of them, they all want to imitate the success. They think just starting a similar project will bring them success as well.

There are pioneers in every time in history who took innovative steps and made names for them in the history. There is always someone who thought of an idea and made history. When others see that success, they all try to imitate and try to come up with something similar of their own.

Reason for this is the lack of original idea. Not everyone has the idea of coming up with something innovative. Think about Facebook or Uber or Amazon. These projects make sense and anyone could have thought of them. But people who came up with these projects and moved forward with them, they made names for them in the history and became the richest people in the world.

Same thing goes for the clipping path industry. People started the outsourcing project and made names for them. Others are now seeing the opportunity and trying to all replicate that success. This resulted in so many websites for similar services.

What Goes on Within this Industry?

There are wide range of service offered in this industry. People in this business cater towards product resellers or ecommerce companies who promote their products online. All the products need product photography to be promoted and these companies edit those product images to make them suitable for websites. For example, clothing industry will need ghost mannequin service for their apparel products. No matter which type of industry it is, if they are selling products, they will need photo editing. Shoe companies will need their shoe images edited, restaurants will need their food photography edited, etc. Whatever goes on within this industry and no matter how competitive this field is, no one can deny that eCommerce market cannot do without ghost mannequin service or clipping path service.