In-Store or Online: Things to Consider When Shopping for a Mattress

A mattress is a home to sound sleep. And a good mattress can deliver that peaceful and undisturbed sleep. So it would be best if you did a good job when shopping for the perfect mattress.

There are two methods you could try to find your mattress. You can go in-store, or you can choose to purchase it in an online store. Here are some simple but helpful tips if you plan to shop for a mattress in-store or online:

In-Store Mattress Shopping

Department stores, furniture shops, mattress specialty stores, and big-box retailers are places where you can physically buy mattresses. While most already have online stores, they started with actual in-store mattress displays.

Mattress Experience

One advantage of in-store mattress buying is that once you step inside the store and see all the mattresses, your mind starts to enjoy the idea of mattress buying. According to most sales agents, most customers spend 15-45 minutes lying in different beds to feel the mattress.

Traditional buyers want the idea of actually feeling and touching experience to understand what they are getting or what they are purchasing. In many cases, they can purchase a mattress within the day without much fuss.

Downside: Trying out all those mattresses can be pretty exhausting. Going from store to store also costs a lot of time, money, and effort.

The Actual Mattress

If you don’t know what the best mattress to buy is, you can get quick information about latex, memory foam, hybrid, or inner coil springs when buying in-store and have a basic idea and feel of what mattress you are searching for.

The Budget

Since you can compare the mattresses on-site, you could tell if the price tag is reasonable or not. It is, therefore, easier to decide if you like the item.

With in-store shopping, you can always be persistent and negotiate for a discount and strike a better deal, or maybe you can ask if they can throw in some pillows. You never know, you could be lucky, or you could be not.

The Mattress Sales Agent

When you go in-store shopping, sales agents will be there to answer your questions. They have broader knowledge and can assist you with whatever you want to see and know about the mattress.

Downside: Buyers usually feel the pressure if the sales agent is standing there and waiting for your decision.

Online Mattress Shopping

Shopping online is the most comfortable way to search for a broader range of mattresses. You can browse through the internet and see all the information just a click away from it, even if you stay at home or in the office.

The Web Mattress Experience

With the internet, you will be able to get all the information you want. Go to their websites, browse through different online stores, watch virtual tours, and read product reviews online. It is fast, easy, free, and very convenient.

And since the mattress companies know what “mattress experience” clients want, they are allowing a 30-days to 100-days trial period for customers before they make a purchase. This way, they can experience the ultimate sleeping experience and not just lie on it for 45 minutes or less.

Downside: You are not able to physically touch, see and try the mattresses.

Mattresses Online

There is a wide variety of products online that can be pretty overwhelming. Staying focused is also an issue as you can quickly check other products that veer you away from looking for a mattress.

The key is to know first what you want and need. With online shopping, most specifications are available for you.

·     Memory foam mattress contours to your body so it relieves back and neck pains. It is also very affordable.

·     Innerspring mattress has a good bed airflow keeping you feeling relaxed. In addition, it has that strong edge support.

·     Hybrid mattresses are composed of springs and memory foam. They are popular with sleepers who want good motion transfer and pressure relief.

·     Latex provides relief from your pressure points and also feels cool while you sleep. It also has durability. 

Look for mattresses online by browsing at online stores and websites with virtual tours, blogs, and product reviews.

Downside: Companies usually show only one or two model products from their mattress line, so you have to ask the company online if you are looking for a specific mattress.

The Price Tag

The majority of the price tags online are fixed. But just like in your usual store, they give away sales and discounts if there are holidays, company launches and special events. So wait for these occasions if you want to catch those low-priced mattresses.

Customer Support Service

If you have inquiries, you can always ask the company’s customer support service team online. The great thing about this is that many companies have 24-hour services to reply immediately.


When it comes down to it, how you want to shop for your perfect mattress is really up to you. You go online or walk into a store, and the important thing is that you are satisfied with the mattress you purchased.